Monday, January 5, 2015

#VideoBomb|Downgrade w/o Rate| Nyemiah Supreme

I finally found a reality TV show that wasn't about breaking cast members down. Sisterhood of Hip Hop single handily took over my Tuesday nights at 9pm and I got familiar with a few mainstream female rappers that I had prior knowledge of and a couple that I had never heard of. I was a faithful fewer and probably was secretly apart of the promotional team for the show because I found myself saturating my Instagram feed with promotional photos about the show. It was refreshing to see female artist that would otherwise be seen as competition coming together to unite the female emcees. The backers of some of these woman were well known artist and producers like Timberland, Tank, Rick Ross and various others. I have done a few video bombs from the ladies of the show and since they are already known there is no rate for their videos but I would love to get you guys familiar with the current and future female rappers of our time. Enjoy Nyemiah Supreme's video "Downgrade" below. and be on the look out for Season 2 of Sisterhood of Hip Hop! Download Nyemiah Supreme's latest mixtape where "Downgrade" can be found.....--->There Can Be More Than 1



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