Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Saint Pete Cypher| #TBT


This cypher video is something I found insanely dope and what topped it off was it is homegrown and I definitely wanted to share with the world some dope Emcee's straight out of the 727. I live for conscious artist and people that evoke thought. I think they all had their own way of opening peoples third eye. I thought this would be perfect for a #TBT given it was done 5 years ago. Each artist has a unique sound and the lyrical content is there. From my own observation

9 Of Saint Petersburg Florida's Most Talented Artists Come Together To Give You The Most Epic Cypher You Have Ever Witnessed. Are You Ready? No One Is Ready...

Talent Credit

Sedd The Truth - Twitter: @SeddTruth IG: @SeddTruth

Bam Boogie - Twitter: @BrotherBam727 IG: @BvmBevno

Roddy Ramshack - Twitter: @RodXTheXGod IG: @RamshackTheGod

T.Flyy - Twitter: @ThatsFlyy IG: @ThatsFlyy

Jerry Nova - Twitter: @_JerryNova93 IG: @SirNova93

Skezy Smoov - Twitter: @SkezySmoov IG: @SkezySmoov

Keysus Christ - Twitter: @FinnKeys IG: @FinnKeys

Johnny Adama - Twitter @JohnnyAdams IG: @JohnnyAdama

JJ Da Jet - Twitter: @_JJDAJET IG: @_JJDAJET

Beat Produced By: Danzel "Doc" Hammonds - Twitter & IG: @DoctorDoc727

Video Shot, Directed, and Edited By: Danzel "Doc" Hammonds - Twitter & IG: @DoctorDoc727


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Top 5 Best & Worst Videos| Early 19' til 6/29

What better way to breathe life back into E2TS than to make a short but simple post to get back into the swing of things For readers that are familiar on how I do my post you guys know that I typically do "Top 10 with 5 below", which may feature old or new music and videos, with that being said I am again adding something else to the mix. I have been watching videos as of lately that have either made me question everything I ever knew or the entire song captivated me.  Here are the best and worst videos that I checked out this week and in the past few weeks. Check them out do you guys agree or disagree?



Big Ole Freak - Megan Thee Stallion

Number 99 - OMN Tweezie & BOC Goolie

Tia Tamera - Doja Cat ft. Rico Nasty

Money In The Way - 2 Chainz 

Cut Up - Blac Youngsta