Friday, March 3, 2017

Video Bomb: What's Love|A.V. w/ Rate


 First and foremost shout out to A.V. for coming hard on a sample and further more channeling this weird Soulja Slim / B.G. vibe. I'll be honest and say I didn't expect this much raw and real rap on this track. The video is Directed by Motion Minds, and while most rappers do visuals where there are home scenes or studio scenes I thought it was appropriate for this video and made it more lovable. The fact that this is a Florida bred rapper sounding like he from New Orleans is a pleasant surprise.  I love finding hidden gems like this. The content is relatable to anyone living the street life or knows loss of someone who lives or lived that lifestyle. A.V. touches on personal accounts of dangerous situations he faced as an adolescent, as well as the all to familiar reality that a lot of young black male's face with incarceration. When I first heard the Tina sample I wasn't sure what to expect given Tina was recounting an abusive relationship in the original. Yet I love the twist the sample presented with a real rap feel. I feel like as powerful as the message was he and his videographer could have come up with a lot more as far as a story line. I did enjoy seeing A.V. in almost a reflective state when he was in the living room and the family portraits were being shown. I really like this song and can't wait to see what A.V. and Wynners Circle have up their sleeves. Connect with A.V. below through his social media accounts and check out my official rate for the video below! 



Lyrics: 5
Visuals: 4.5
Star Potential:4.5

Favorite Line(s): "Shit crazy how the tables turn overnight, yesterday is straight today, And Niggas fake that's why I stay prayed up and out these niggas way. And ask the Lord not to let me and this AR catch a motherf*ckin murder case. " 

What's Love|Visuals


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