Saturday, April 23, 2016

Musical Dopeness|MIC LOWRY X Three R&B Covers


Musical Dopeness usually always leads me to international territory. I stumbled across these guys while on one of my many musical journeys, MIC LOWRY is a vocal harmony group out of Liverpool, England. Comprised of five memebers, Ben Sharples, Kaine Ofoeme, Akia Jones, Delleile Ankrah, and Michael Welch. Their genre you wonder?  R'n'B Soul. Please believe me when I say they give me soul, life, and water. They are handsome and they all blend so well together. Not to mention I feel like their name is a play on Bad Boy's Character played by Will Smith "Mike Lowry" so I dugs that. And the way they transitioned between each song. My Goodness! I get such a great feeling listening to them. I like Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller and even got reconnected with the voice of Teedra Moses but this quintet did all three songs justice. I was pleased. I hope to see a lot more of them really soon. They're what my late nights and wine been missing.Don't believe me? Check out this group kill three covers at the same damn time below.

    MIC LOWRY Cover|Exchange X Say It X Be Your Girl


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Side Chick Say What?!|Musical Dopeness


All the nights that I spend falling down countless rabbit holes and it definitely never fails that I am intrigued by those who aren't necessarily musically inclined but with the right instrumental they snap on the beat. Well I stumbled across what sounds like a side chick anthem but she stating straight facts. She definitely fired off on Yo Gotti's "Down In The DM" and she has plenty to say for the 1:25 that the video runs. Thank me later for this short yet musically dope freestyle. I do not know who the girl is but shawty snapping. Check It Out Below! 


"Down In TheDM"|Freestyle

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Teo|Video Bomb: The Truth w/ Rate


With Teo on the track you will never be disappointed. With a real rap foundation and relatable content you can only feel him on what he is saying. If you been through the struggle that so many people try and overcome every day you can definitely vibe out to 10 Hunnit front man Teo. Shot by Bungy Clips, Teo brings the city out and by city I mean the entire Child's Park which consist of his many supporters and fans. It is a straight pull up and chill type situation. Being from that same side of town it is great to see the love and support he has. His following is building daily and I am most definitely co signing for this artist. He links up with familiar faces in the rap crowd in St.Pete such as Project Youngin, Co-Ke, and others.  Paying homage to his Cousin Fats he is real, raw, and The Truth. While writing this review I actually had a conversation with him via Facebook and I was telling him upon seeing the shirts with Fats face and name upon them I saw this video as a tribute to him and he said "That's how I feel everyday! Really never cared for this shit, but he always believed in it so it's my way of keeping the legacy going." I have heard Teo mention his cousin in various songs and I would say Teo has been keeping his memory alive and making him proud. Check out the visuals and my rate for "The Truth by Teo of 10 Hunnit below. 

Also check out my write up on Teo and Project Youngin here (Pine County Finest 2: Project Youngin & Teo)



Lyrics: 5
Visuals: 5
Star Potential:5 

Favorite Line(s):

"Introduc'em to the Burg, yean heard bout my city, jit ain't old enough to drank, slangin birds in my city, Fuck you think!"

"If you aint gone get involved don't play hard bitch you fake, young clowns, talk down then smile in my face. That just mean you ain't no man, know what I'm saying, you can't 

Visuals| "The Truth"

Connect With Teo & Bungy Clips

                       Bungy Clips:(Check him out here

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Musical Dopeness: Teen Titans Go x Swag


Yoooooo this right here was a pleasant joy as I watched Teen Titans:Go last week. First off why they teaching kids about pyramid schemes anyways? LOL like they literally gave a definition during the the episode. This short rap video wasn't what I expected to see next! It is catchy and swaggy af! Teen Titans: Go creators really did this lil rap scene justice. I loved it and enjoyed it so much I sent it to most of my musically inclined or cartoon loving friends via snap chat (Follow my story @mstreetcred).  I wanted to share this small little musical dopeness with the rest of the world and thanks to a children's cartoon show I hope I brought a smile to y'all faces. I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. 


Pyramid Mummy Money|Teen Titans: GO Visuals



                       August 2, 1987 -- March 4, 2016

March 4th 2016 the rap community took a major L when Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh, born Trentavious White died after he was shot. Full Story Here:Rolling Stone. I personally was truly hurt by the news and mourned how any person would. No I didn't personally know him but his music spoke to me and through his music I felt who he was as a person. I was really rocking with Bankroll and saw him taking off beyond any one's wildest dreams. I actually liked his music and in this cliche' rap scene it is hard for me to have a favorite and he was my favorite. I had just watched his new movie "Take Over Your Trap" a month before. I was next engulfed in his self titled album "Bankroll Fresh" which had actually been released late November last year but I had been playing it on a regular basis. I was anticipating what he had next. Unfortunately his life was cut short and we will never know the full magnitude of what he was about to do. He will be truly missed and though he is gone, he will forever live on through his music. I did compile a small playlist for you guys to check out some of my favorite videos and interviews from Bankroll Fresh I hope you guys like it.  #LongLiveBankRoll 

Forever Immortalized|Visuals x Interviews 

Twenty|16: Ten on Top, Six Below

Twenty years ago I was merely a seven year old girl. Still rocking barrettes and plaits and listening to whatever my twenty three year old older sister was listening to. I can recall moments of nostalgia as I compiled this list. Most of these songs if not all of them are going to jog a few memories, so I apologize in advance. These visuals are outrageous and the fashion sense was ridiculous. I hope you guys enjoy this list just as much as I did making it. Where were you in 96' when the music was just right? Where were you when this plethora of Rap and R & B dominated our radio waves, car stereos, and parties?  Check out what was rockin hot twenty years ago. 


Top 10 Singles

  1. Down Low(Nobody Has to Know) - R Kelly ft. Ron Isley
  2. If Your Girl Only Knew - Aaliyah
  3. Exhale(Shoop Shoop) - Whitney Houston
  4. Get Money - Junior Mafia ft. The Notorious B.I.G
  5. Po Pimp - Do or Die ft. Twista
  6. Get You Home - Foxy Brown
  7. Woo Hah( Got You All In Check) - Busta Rhymes
  8. Always Be My Baby - Mariah Carey
  9. Doin It - LL Cool J
  10. Un- Break My Heart - Toni Braxton

Top 6 Albums