Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Double Bomb!| Mazerati Mahje| Hold It Down w/ Rate| Hold It Down Official Video w/o Rate

Sooooo the last time Mahje hit #E2TS I checked out "4 Quarters" ft. Leon C (Check Out my Review Mahje 4 Quarters Video Bomb) While the visuals were a bit too much for me, I am pleasantly pleased with the audio for "Hold it Down (yea)" He makes a reference to making you smile if you rocking with him and I smirked simply because I am still smiling from " Holdin You" that is a definite favorite of mine. So Mahje! I'm feeling you. He captivated me with the hook alone and from there his words took shape.  I can definitely hear this track in a few places. Check Out the audio for Mahje' "Hold It Down" along with my rate for the audio.

* Upon completing this post I did discover that this song had an official video so enjoy a no rate on that just catch the dope vibes. 

727 Stand Up! 



Lyrics: 4
Visual: N/A
Star Potential:4.5
Overall: 4.5

Favorite Line (s):

Mahje: " I am so appalled with these fuckin' blogs, hold up, wait,  pause I just missed a call. Shout out to my fam, shout out to my dawgs. 

Song Bomb| Hold It Down Visuals


Bonus|Hold It Down Official Video


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