Thursday, October 8, 2015

Paublo Patrick|"Feel It In The Air"| Video Bomb w/ Rate

    Paublo Patrick bares his soul, his very existence, his life in this track. Before there was visuals there was audio and when I heard this particular track I ran it on some of my earlier shows on Hood Watch. Coming from his own Ent. 3921, It is a song that like the iconic Beanie Sigel did, Paublo is dropping knowledgeable gems about real world issues. People all have fears, enemies, and ambition. The visuals are calming with the beautiful nature scene at Gulfport Beach, the scenes at the cemetery puts you in a space that is peaceful but all too familiar, as everyone can relate to the lose of someone. The scenes are nicely planned out and I felt every word in this song. It had raw and real lyrics and while it is coming after something so classic, Paublo Patrick put his own touch to it.  In my honest opinion he did the instrumental justice and I want others to witness Jesus decline the blunt and  why Mr. IDGAF is never lying in his lyrics. I see only good things for Paublo Patrick in the coming years. Press Play and Check Out the latest visuals from Paublo Patrick and of course my rate on this bomb. This video was shot by BBROS FILMZ check out more of their videos.


Lyrics: 4.5
Visuals 5
Star Potential: 4.5

Favorite Line: "I was different since birth, who said black was a curse, I said black was here first. Don't really care to  be honest, lets just not make shit worst, they on that new world shit, I need a whole new source. "

Visuals| "Feel It In The Air"



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Ten on Top with 5 Below| Sound Cloud Edition 3

Well I am back with another haul from Sound Cloud. As you guys already know I get lost in that obvious rabbit hole on there. I go looking for someone in particular and end up somewhere else. I am happy nonetheless because I have stumbled across quite a few gems. I am so happy to share with you guys some amazing artist and songs courtesy of Sound Cloud and my stream. I hope you guys discover new artist to get into just as I have and also enjoy the compilation.


Top 10 Songs| Sound Cloud Edition 3

  1. Zell Heff- Whip (Take Off)
  2. Eric Bellinger- iPod on Shuffle
  3. HeyeYella - The Hurt
  4. Remy T ft. Skroodle & Fresh BPM- I Do
  5. Maryann & Chuuwee - Fuckin Witcha
  6. Samurai Shotgun - Force of The Shotgun
  7. Diamond - Trap Girl Rollie
  8. Alec Burnright - Night Cap (Breakfast)
  9. Dilligaf - Up In The Morning
  10. iLoveMakonnen - Trust Me Danny 

5 Artist to Check Out|Sound Cloud Edition 3

JetPack Jones


Dutch Rebelle

Zell  Heff