Saturday, May 31, 2014

Top 10 Top 5

Another dope compilation of my Top 10 songs I'm fonkin' along with 5 dope mixtapes that you lovely folks should go check out and download. And as always some dope new videos that provide great visuals. Check out the list below and If you're an independent or underground artist interested in getting your music featured send your music and videos to to be considered.


     Top 10 

  1. Missing You - Mook Boy
  2. Time - Que
  3. Sunshine Remix - Wale ft. Rick Ross & Common
  4. Heart of a Lion - Lil Boosie
  5. All Black - YottMusic
  6. Small Deal - Raymo
  7. Distractions - Young Teo
  8. That Good - Showout Tripz
  9. Jealous - Fredo Santana ft. Kendrick Lamar
  10. Sorry ( I Am) - Yo Gotti

Top 5 




#ImTellinYa| Song Bomb w/ Rate

Since first hearing Mighty Jai's #ImTellinYa at the Local 662 in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida,  in February, I have been hounding, harassing, and frequently on alert for the release of the single. [ Ask him!!] Well the wait is finally over because yesterday he dropped this dope ass bomb on Soundcloud. I did include my rating for the song based off my criteria. Check out the track below and make sure to go check out his latest Mixtape [Dreams $old Separately].


Lyrics: 5
Visual: N/A 
Star Potential: 5
Overall: 5
Favorite Line: "I can't believe it's not butter, lately I been on a roll."


Chance The Rapper Covers PBS Classic

Well Chance The Rapper has won me over with his rendition of Arthur's Theme Song. Yup Arthur from PBS. During last weeks 3 day Sasquatch Music Festival that happens during Memorial Day weekend every year. Check Out the video below and be prepared to see a lot more of Chance The Rapper on future post.


Chance The Rapper|COVER

Friday, May 23, 2014

Spotlight Artist: Five Drexler

Ever wondered what Rap and Hip Hop's illegitimate love child would look like? Meet Five Drexler he's the
forbidden love child and he's here to shake the game up....

St.Petersburg, FL Hip hop, rap producer, artist and writer. Five Drexler was born as David Rollins on March 14,1986 in Ft Myers, FL. Five is a recording artist, and producer absorbed in the hip-hop culture and it shines through his music. 
Raised by his single mother in St Petersburg, FL he started recording at the age of 15. Since he has been featured on numerous mix tapes and dropped his solo album "The Broadcast" (May 2012). There has been no slowing down for the MC, writer, and producer.
 Five is the Co-founder of The Treble Makers, a production team made up of artists and producers. Five and The Treble Makers started making strides to create innovative and popular music. They came together in late 2009 to establish a rare channel of expression, passion, therapy, and release. Five possesses a fearless determination and continues to sacrifice self-interest in pursuit of modern philosophy. The Treble Makers enjoy making music and have years of it ahead of them.
 With a refreshing sound flavored by production from The Treble Makers, Five Drexler with his classic hip hop with a twist of new school rap is an incomparable and refreshing sound all fueled by production from The Treble Makers. He restores the culture with witty lines and meticulous flows that hook the audience immediately. I undoubtedly see nothing but continued momentum and creativity from Five and The Treble Makers as Florida Hip Hop emerges from the ever saturated “dirty south”. Check out my Q & A session below with Five and his extensive discography and videos and links. 

Q & A with Five Drexler

[M$C]: What do you strive to accomplish through your music

[FIVE DREXLER]: Originally it was just an outlet to express myself and something to do for fun. Over the years I’ve realized the power and responsibility that comes with it. I want to reach people, educate and/or entertain.

[M$C]: Is working with a network of artist and producers sometimes a challenge?

[FIVE DREXLER]: It can be, depending on the task and the artists. Haven't had anything too difficult as of yet.

[M$C]: What was your hardest project to complete?

[FIVE DREXLER]: Probably "The Forecast" my new project. Its very thorough and has alot of different styles / sub genres in it. Along with the expectations for better media and marketing, its been the most strenuous project I've made. But definitely worth it, I’m very happy with the results.

[M$C]: Do you consider yourself a stereotypical white rapper?

[FIVE DREXLER]: I don't consider myself a stereotypical rapper at all, let alone a stereotypical white rapper. Although I sometimes do club / high energy songs, the majority of my content is conscious, real life events and deep lyricism.


Check out  Five Drexler's Discography: vol 1* 2003 vol 2* 2004 
The Latest 2007 
Rise and Grind mixtape vol 1* 2009 
Rise and Grind mixtape vol 2* 2010 
Google me B*tch vol 3* 2011 
Indie Castle/C2C "Independent but Major" Vol6* 2011 
IndieCastle/Coast 2 Coast Vol 11 * 2012 
Rockstar Wrestling (Internet tv show)* 2012 
Five Drexler - "The Broadcast"  2012 (Mixtape available on 
Dangeruss & Five Drexler - "Spring Breakers : The Mixtape" 2013 (Mixtape available on 
"Head Crack 3 : Street Statement mixtape" 2013 (Mixtape available on )
Dangeruss - "Brick Flair" 2014  (Mixtape available on 
Five Drexler - "The Forecast"  Summer 2014

Youtube: Youtube
Twitter:   Twitter
Facebook: Facebook
Myspace Myspace

Monday, May 19, 2014

Camp Spotlight Artist: Black City Hustla Records LLC

With so many camps emerging now it’s no wonder that Tallulah, Louisiana's own Black City Hustla
Records LLC is running in the race. Now operating out of Talluah, Lousiana Started by Joshua Davis in February of 2012, the company specializes in music and video productions, graphic designing, and artist management.  Three artist are currently with the company A -Block who is the Co- Chief Executive Officer of BCHR LLC, Tony Tone Montana, the founder of BCHR LLC, and T Dub brother of Tony Tone Montana and a real spitter out of Louisiana. Below discover what makes them all individuals but also check out the Q & A below to see how they come together as a team. Make sure to connect with them as their links are below.


Meet A - Block:
He is a musician based out of Germany. While growing up, music has always been a part of his life and will always be in it. His rap career was set to start, when he was rapping to one of his favorite songs, and a random guy attention was caught by A-Block's skills. He told A-Block that his delivery was so great, that he should become a rapper. A-Block questioned himself and felt so confident that he started his journey to become one of the best musicians to come out of the Germany area. Around late 2007, A-Block was on Myspace listening to songs and also networking with a few artist. He ran into another musician by the name of Joshua Davis (Tony Tone Montana). Him and Tony Tone talked for hours and formed a tight friendship, which led him a position in Black City Hustla Records LLC.
A-Block is on a mission for success and will not let nothing come in his way to get it. What sets him apart from other musicians, is that he brings not only his story to the game but also tell stories that his fans can relate. The songs that he produces, not only influences others to the point where they cry, but also to where they think that they are the ones who are spitting the lyrics. He also shows his sense of humor and is not afraid to show or tell what he is feeling. He writes music to express his feelings, in a positive way, instead of committing crimes.

In conclusion, A-Block hopes that his songs can help others, whenever they are feeling down, to let them know they're not alone. He encourages everyone to be true to themselves and also if they have a dream, make them come to reality.

Connect with A- Block

Meet T- Dub:
Born in Monroe, Louisiana and raised in Tallulah, Louisiana. T.Davis (T-Dub) is known to be a great musician, Even thought he was known as "Tony Tone Montana's lil bro" he set his own path to follow and started to do his thing as a successful artist with a wild party mood. His songs are mostly meant for clubs and stage performance and that's why he rules the industry now.
Meet Tony Tone Montana:
Joshua Davis is an American musician. Tony Tone Montana is named after the infamous fictional character from the movie “Scar face”, Tony Montana. Tony Tone Montana brings a unique southern style that produces a form of cocaine to the ears , that keeps his “fiends” (Fans) asking for more of his product. Even though both Tony Montana’s are different, they both shared similarities to be bosses and also to own the world.
The Massacre of Tone Corleone
#Pink( Hustler’s Ambition)
A Hustler’s Mentality
2011 – “ Get Crunk” ft. Deadly Boyz Affiliated received over 10,000 downloads
2012 – Model Chickz made #1 on Top 100 best songs of 2012
2012- Nominated for “T.C. Next to Blow”
2013- Nominated for “ Artist of The Year”
2013- Nominated for “Song of the Year:” ( Black City Hustlaz’s “I’m BCH”)

Connect with Tony Tone Montana

[Q & A with BCHR]:

[M$C]: It seems you guys are all over the world doing music, how do you guys find time to get collabos done?

[BCHR]: We find time after we are done with our own business for the day but actually we have always had time to do collabos with other people.

[M$C]:Tony Tone Montana and T- Dub since you guys are related does it make it difficult to work together?

[BCHR]: Nope, it doesn’t make it difficult its easier for us because we are brothers and we know how the other person act and what he wants.

[M$C]: Who has the best flow amongst the group according to you guys?

[BCHR]: Everybody got the best flow in his own style because we are different characters in the group so yea everybody creates his own style and direction.

[M$C]: What can listeners expect from each artist individually?

[BCHR]: The listeners can expect that we work very hard on our music and that we put blood, sweat and tears into our music. We keep it real with all the people, we do music for every kind of person Grinders, Hustlers, Strugglers, Club People, Gangstas, Thugs, Women etc. Everybody works on his own projects and also we work together on our group album as well so they can expect a lot in the future!

|Audio & Visuals|

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I often spend a whole day just catching up on music on sound cloud and that can prove to be an all day task. I have recently sat down and compiled a nice #SoundCloud Edition for you lovely readers and I hope you enjoy it. If you are an independent or underground artist looking for a platform for your music #E2TS is always looking for new artist to show case. Submit your music via to be considered for a feature!!!!

   Top 10
  1. Charli Funk - You Aint No Chiller
  2. Young Teo - Donetello
  3. Lil Boosie - Heart of a Lion
  4. Part 2wo- Ain't No Love 
  5. Gucci Mane ft. Young Scooter & Young Dolph - Can't Handle Me
  6. Plies - Fuck Nigga Fee
  7. K Camp - Off The Floor
  8. Young Scooter - Letter 2 The Streets
  9. L.A. Barnes - Pill Poppers
  10. Prince Greg - Supremacy 

Top 5 

Sunshine State of Mind the EP




Monday, May 5, 2014

Top 10 with 5 Below

Well there is no excuse for not having a post but just know I'm working even if you don't get updates. Rome definitely wasn't build in one day and neither will my empire. I appreciate those who have been coming through regularly. I do apologize for keeping you in suspense but I'm back and definitely packing some straight jams in my playlist. Top 10 got a few dope local artist that I'm definitely co signing and The Top 5 are must go get's . Enjoy the long awaited post and make sure to check out the bonus videos!!

Top 10 

  1. Dope Lord - A$AP Ferg
  2. Poor Decisions- Wale ft. Rick Ross & Lupe Fiasco   
  3. Fancy - Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX
  4.  Take It - Alec Burnright
  5. Rover - Elle Verner ft. Wale
  6. All Black - YottMusic
  7. FTS - Young Teo ft. Tom G
  8. Sex You - Bando Jonez
  9. Hard Work - Charli Funk
  10. Dope Girl - Nyemiah Supreme

Top 5 

Videos| Bonus 

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