Monday, September 21, 2015

CO-KE| "Straight Up" Video Bomb w/ Rate

Directed by Kidd Fresh, Co-Ke is the man in his latest video. "Straight Up". The track is from his debut Mixtape #1Hundred which features my favorite "Booty Club". I have to express much appreciate to Co-Ke for offering a story line! Finally someone with a creative mind and a bit of manly moxie to capture his music listeners with not just their ears but their eyes. As soon as I heard the track I liked it but the video is by far my favorite visual because it offers more than the cliche, barbecue, the bodacious asses, and the occasional artist cameo. This video actually conveyed a story. "How you gone play a real playa?" Is the million dollar question and Co- Ke sets sucka ducks straight when it comes to ever thinking you can get one over on him. This is definitely what I like to call sliding music.[ Music that you can drive to and vibe.:)] I freaking loved this visual, I have to put this on the personal playlist now. If you have not already done so go check out Co-Ke's mixtape #1Hundred.[Link Below!!] I hope you guys enjoy the latest visuals from my homie Co-Ke. Check out the visuals below and check out my rate as well. This one's a 5 hands down, Straight Up!



Lyrics: 5
Visuals 5
Star Potential: 5

Favorite Line: "Broke niggas sell jokes Chris Tucker, Chameleonaire watching nigga change color. These niggas ain't, real they be undercover. "

Visuals| "Straight Up"


Download: ---->[1Hundred]<----

DIR. BY: Kidd Fresh




Thursday, September 17, 2015

TBT: 2013 TrillMatic| A$AP Mob ft. A$AP Nast & Method Man


    We all have that one song that came out a while back but be bumping it like it's the 

hottest track out right now. Well, I do not know where I was when this gem dropped but I was just 

put on to this classic from A$AP Mob featuring A$AP Nest & the amazing Method Man. This 

video is so New York, the verses are so New York, and Method Man [ Moment of Silence for

 this Legend]. He murked it! I am so glad I came across it. Please indulge in this soooo New

 York video. Gotta love the lyrical assassination from each artist. But Meth tho!!




Saturday, September 12, 2015

Song Bomb| Big Trin Ft. Prince Greg| "Juice" w/ Rate

Orlando's Big Trin has a new single off of his upcoming project "No Pressure No Diamonds  entitled "Juice" it features camp mate Prince Greg.  Have you ever felt like you were the mu'fuckin greatest or are you the mu'fuckin greatest? Big Trin refers to the Juice as such and he has a whole lot of it. With these two on a track there is an apparent difference in flows and I love that! Prince Greg adds a different sound and it's definitely an assist on his part as Big Trin raps about the Juice in his smooth vibe. Peep all the advice you gain while listening to this song. The official music video is dropping soon. Of course a video bomb will detonate as I anticipate visuals. Check out the audio for Big Trin ft. Prince Greg "Juice" below. And of course my official rating for this track. 



Lyrics: 3.5
Visuals: N/A
Star Potential: 4

Favorite Line:

Big Trin: "Niggas talking big shit but they actions don't make a sound. "

Prince Greg: " When you doing it right, it's gone take longer.   "