Thursday, January 8, 2015

Video Bomb: Concrete Souljaz w/ Rate

Sampling 2 Pac's "To Live and Die in LA" St. Petersburg's Concrete Souljaz breathes his vibe into the 727. This particular track also features 10 Hunnits front man Young Teo. The visuals are crisp and clean. Recognizable landmarks. Set in different parts of the city makes me happy that they didn't just stay in one spot they expanded their vision to include a familiar pool hall, park, and corner store. The lyrics were decent and not a disappointment. A few cameos from other St.Petersburg artist added to the home town vibe and I enjoyed the video. I like what each artist brought to the track and it was definitely The west coast definitely meets the east coast in this track. Be on the look out for more from the Concrete Souljaz and be on the look out for "From The Struggle 2" from Young Teo. Check out my rate and the video below.



Lyrics: 4
Visuals 5
Star Potential: 4.5

Favorite Line: "Always on the paper chase, looking for the come up, No 3 6 but we love to tear the club up."

Visuals|To Live And Die in St. Pete

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