Thursday, January 8, 2015

LV X JF|Pray For Me #SongBomb w/ Rate

LV and my boy JF teamed up to create this dynamic collaboration. I am already a fan of Jf's lyricism and anything he touches usually holds my full attention because he is typically paired with another artist of his caliber or similar subject matter. I heard this song a few months back and had to make this a Song Bomb simply because people need to hear the true essence of Hip Hop again. LV develops a storyline that sounds straight out of his own diary. Using a common saying "Pray For Me" it gives listeners something they all can relate too. With JF gracing the track with a verse and the hook, he sets listener's up for his witty punch lines and his conscious lyrics. #PressPlay below on a dope collab from these two, two letter emcees. LV & JF.


Lyrics: 5

Visuals N/A
Star Potential: 4
Overall: 5

Favorite Line: "See You live, you die, you struggle, you strive, it's trouble you ride. By any means I will survive."

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