Friday, January 9, 2015

Lil Debbie|Wiggle w/o Rate 18+ Only [Parental Advisory] #UncutBomb


   Well this here video is the first of many as it is not suitable for your kids. So don't be wide screening this video and then blame Ms.Street Cred for corrupting your children. Lil Debbie formally of the White Girl Mob that featured rappers Kreayshawn and V-nasty. If you visit YouTube there is a plethora of videos featuring her as well as her own independent work. What stood out most about this video was the blatant raunchy behavior on a beach which, I wasn't surprised at the fact she was rapping, she does have a few decent videos. This video will most likely be enjoyed by my male fans as it features a scantily clad Lil Debbie in a bathing suit doing booty controls and twerking. Enough of me preparing you for this video just check it out below!



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