Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Flux|Love Yourself Cover


OK! Justin Beiber does what he does to the ladies well but Flux buys that girl sexy lingerie and then proceeds to peel it off of her. I do not know why nor am I trying to figure out why Flux revives my love for R&B but he does. His voice crawls up in your ear and croons the fuck out of your soul from your inner ear. It is because of him I am interested in adding more sultry R&B to my heavily saturated trap playlist. He out did himself with this cover and it is honestly the best cover I've seen. I loved the back drop of the downtown area familiar to St. Petersburg natives but also to tourist since it is near Sun Dial (Baywalk) area. Simple yet effective his interactions represented so many artist to me. If you love what you do and are really engulfed in your craft you'll be anywhere working. Flux delivered a preferred rendition for me and he did more than justice to this already classic song. Shout Out to FLUX and his beautiful execution to this cover. This is the First Official Cover Video by Flux. Check out my write up on Flux from three years ago as well! 


Write Up!#E2TS       
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Visuals|Love Yourself Cover [FLUX]




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