Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Video Bomb: Cristol ft. Blackboi| I Cant Lie w/ rate

The official video " I Cant Lie" by Cristol ft. Blackboi dropped yesterday and has set the tone for this already hot summer we're in for. The video is set on a boat, at the beach, and at a mansion. It screams summer jam! It features cameos from local artist from St.Pete like Marvelous Youngin' Blow, and Famous Kid Brick and also features a lot of beautiful women of all racist parading around in their bathing suits. It definitely holds true to the type of music that Cristol produces and adds a little R&B with Blackboi's vocals. I enjoyed the snippet I saw a while back and was waiting to see the finished product. I hope you guys enjoy the final cut as much as I did. The rate and video are below so check them out. Enjoy!



Lyrics: 4
Visual: 5
Star Potential: 5
Overall: 5
Favorite Line: "I know you meet a lot of niggas who ain't bout shit, because they meet a lot of bitches who ain't bosses."

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