Friday, June 6, 2014

Ears to the Streets Eyes on the Underground

 I'm sure some, not all artist and music based professions know I exclusively show case underground and independent artist locally based normally but I also showcase the same type of artist around the country and internationally. A few weeks back I started doing a satellite radio show on a Hip-hop based radio station called HipHopulist Radio. The show airs every Tuesday at 6 pm with a re air at 10 pm eastern standard time. If you miss that day it will re air Thursday at 6pm. (eastern) I have teamed up with an awesome team over at HHR to bring yet another platform for artist that consider their selves as independent or underground artist. With E2TS and Hood Watch my goal is to share with other active music listeners and enthusiast exactly what no name artists have to offer. Mainstream radio is already saturated with big names and local artist often have a hard time getting their music heard and some of them are actually better than mainstream artist. I hope by extending these platforms to those in my city as well as surrounding cities and states that I can help them get heard beyond the scope of where they are located. I ask that you pass the word on to other local artist that could use a boost in getting their music heard as well as continue to support M$C as a movement by submitting the music and videos. Also asking me to come see shows and in a whole supporting movements designed to help artist win. I am hoping to see a lot more artist submitting music and I definitely encourage the likes of people just starting out to submit music. Even though I mainly focus on Hip Hop and rap music R&B artist, country, pop, and anything in between don’t feel shy to submit your music as well. Ear 2 The Streets is free range and  I will cover anything music base on there. I am so appreciative to those that believe in me and take the time to thank, encourage, and include me in on what they are doing music wise. I ask that if you are an independent artist no matter your genre that you submit your music and/ or videos to to be considered for the blog or radio show. Thanks in advance and keep grinding. In the worlds of Juvenile “Y’all need to open ya ears up and soak this game up and of nobody don’t know ya Ima make y’all famous.”


Listen via the web HipHopulist Radio or Download the APP in your app store #Live365 sign up with the free membership and search and preset HipHopulist Radio so you can tune in whenever, where ever. 

Like and Interact on the Facebook page. HoodWatch on Hiphopulist Radio. And lastly interact via twitter with myself @iamMsStreetCred or with @HoodWatch727.

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