Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spotlight Artist: RAYMO

 As you all should know I often put out APB's on artist that would like to be featured in my blog and I often get submissions from all types of genres and people within the music community. I had the pleasure of receiving a submission from a South Carolina native who resides in Colombia, SC currently. The artist goes but the name Raymo.  I would say his genre of music is quite diverse and invokes thought. He has songs that everyone can relate too. Raymo is an American Hip-Hop artist born on August 30,1991 in Walterboro, South Carolina. His moniker is the root name for Raymond David Lamar Bennett. Raymo prides himself on being original while also allowing his style of music to correlate with the rapid-changing musical trends. He is a graduate of Colleton High School in Walterboro, SC and shortly after graduating, he served our country in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. It was there that Raymo began to develop his artistry and passion for making music. Present day, we witness someone who is definitely one to watch. Get to know the Individual uniqueness of Raymo, as he shares below what sets him apart from the pack, his biggest accomplishments and what inspires his music.    

   --Q and A with Raymo--                            
[MSC] What prompted your interest in music?        
[RAYMO] My mother was a dancer and my father, a DJ, so naturally I was given the gift of rhythm. I first took up music class in elementary school playing the recorder, learning basic music notes and rhythms. In middle school I entered the beginner's band program playing the trombone. I learned a lot from my instructor Mr. Meshach and going into High School, I received the opportunity to play in the Colleton County High School Band of Blue Marching Band under band director Tom Finigan; the baritone was my instrument at the time. Studying the different chords and clefs, time changes and tempos increased my knowledge in music and allowed me to develop myself as a musician. Shortly thereafter, I picked up a pen and began my artistry.                           
[MSC] What about your artistry makes you different from others in your area or rappers in general?             
[RAYMO] I am a musician first; not a performer, not a rapper, none of those things. I do aim to be more inclined in my musical mind so I meditate on music that some people may think is weird or abnormal for me to listen to being that I happen to rap. I love orchaestras, symphonies, classical music; basically anything that has alot of instruments and rhythms I instantly gravitate to. With my backgroud in music and me listening to music on a different plane that others, I feel as if I can make a more complete composition than what people hear in today's music when my time comes.

[MSC]  What is your biggest accomplishment to date since starting on this journey?               
[RAYMO] Generally speaking, I have not had enough experience in the industry to say that I've accomplished anything yet. Overall, I'm grateful that I have this opportunity to be heard and out my stamp on music, reaching out and touching billions across the world.

[MSC] What inspires your music? 
[RAYMO] God first; without him, nothing is possible. I would just say that I love genuine music that expresses all of a person's emotions.





HulkShare: http://www.hulkshare.com/officialraymo
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/officialraymo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialRaymo

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