Sunday, December 4, 2016

Big Trin| "No Pre$$ure No Diamond$ Mixtape Review

I see a new trend with this pimpin', look, she got dreams and want a nigga who winnin'.
--Big Trin

Orlando rapper Big Trin took the summer and put it in a headlock and never let go. July 2016 he dropped  "No Pre$$ure No Diamond$" This tape is lyrical, current, and whats next. There are so many bubble gum rappers out now, that I am always happy to actually listen for punchlines and adlibs. I like to see an artist actually put that time into their craft. I am always happy to review a Big Trin project and I love that he actually comes back to be critiqued time and time again. The intro "Son of John" was definitely a kick in the right direction as the mixtape gets even better with tracks like That Pressure, Juice and Rollie to name a few. Working with ayotheproducer and firehotbeats both whom produced majority of the tracks on the Mixtape, Ayo is grammy nominated and has produced multiple hit records including the smash "John" by Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. The production is hip and trendy, I'm sure I'm not the only one that knows that a beat can make or break a track. The content was there and the passion was not far behind as it show cased track after track MBM is definitely behind this young man and  I am pleased yet again with Big Trin's body of work and I am glad he sent it to me to check out. I can't even fathom what he has coming next but whatever it is, I'm ready! Check out the entire mixtape below and be sure to connect with Big Trin below. 



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