Monday, September 8, 2014

YottMusic: All Black| Video Bomb w/ Rate

I can't even lie this my jam. I have played it on Hood Watch as well as faithfully played it on my personal playlist and I have even featured "All Black" as well as other YottMusic songs on here. I am so glad to see that there is visuals for this dope track and it was a pleasure to review it because it was a literal portrayal of what I think about when I hear "All Black" I loved how it started by showcasing a prominent landmark in St. Petersburg. The small story line aided in getting you prepared for when the beat actually dropped. It was shot by St. Pete's own Charlie  Browne and features a group of people in all black really letting you know that if it comes down to it they about their issue. I think how it started with the classical music and serene message scene was a clever way of painting the illusion that the song was anything but hype but I think upon them getting out of the elevator, viewers already know what was up. I have included a rate as well as the video below make sure to check out YottMusic's  most recent work mixtape The Renaissance.


Lyrics: 5
Visual: 4
Star Potential: 4
Overall: 5 
Favorite Line: N/A 

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