Monday, March 10, 2014

Ten on Top Five Below

Another week, another list of people you may or may not have ever heard of but I'm rocking with them so check out the Top 10 list and plug in. Top 5 mixtapes this week some are new, others not so much. Check those out and make sure you download your favorite one. Before I close out this post I would like to send out condolences and prayers to Speaker Knockerz family as they deal with this difficult time. #RIP #SpeakerKnockerz


Top 10 Songs

  1. She Ready - Young Teo ft. Youngin 
  2. Hardwork - Charli Funk
  3. Bad Bitch - Asia Monae ft. Showout Tripz
  4. All I Know- Pro Major
  5. Tonight - Lee Mazin ft. Phoenix
  6. Wiggle - Vish G Luci ft. Yank & Charli Funk
  7. L.O.V. ( Lingo) - Showout Tripz
  8. Open Letter - PhlyBoy Denero
  9. Wat You Gonna Do - Yottmusic
  10. That's How We Do it - iKhandy & G-Paid

Top 5 Mixtapes



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