Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"The Last Laff"| Smurf The God Mixtape Review

Disrespect the game I'll have you sleeping with the mackerel, 100 round drums I'll give a nigga an anthem.
--Smurf Da God

"In The Building"

With help from legendary DJ Rell and La Cosca Music Group Smurf The God was able to release his debut LP as a Mixtape classic earlier this year. Upon listening to the first track he jumps right into it, however just when you think you about to get right into the song DJ Rell's voice appears. I don't know why but I like artist that get straight to the point. And even though  DJ Rell came through it did nothing but prepare listeners for Smurf. You get a lot of different vibes when listening to "The Last Laff" It is content for the struggle, for the hustlers, for the thinkers and even for those of you that's about your issues. If you ever wanted to get the last laugh this mixtape is the perfect one to motivate that laugh. Getting the vibe of Drake and Kendrick Lamar his flow is undeniable. He has the content and the delivery is there. The cover art is cute because it's a true #TBT of Smurf The God. It reminds me of what Yo Gotti did with his cover art and countless other rappers. The simplicity of the cover doesn't prepare you for his content or his lyrical annihilation of his punchlines. Rapping isn't for everyone and even the best of the best can sometimes have a flop. I do not think this was a flop for Smurf, more like a precursor to what is yet to come from Smurf The God. One thing I was not a fan of was the misspelling of laugh, but upon further research I discovered that  laff is the alternative spelling of laugh. So big kudos to Smurf for using his intelligence to fool us all. There are several links below to check out "The Last Laff" As well as contact information to get more acquainted with Smurf and his team. 


Track List|"The Last Laff"

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