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#BubbleOnDeck:Tamara Bubble|Spotlight Artist


Tamara Bubble is a rapper/ singer/song writer who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She is a female rapper with a long list of achievements with a strong background in the church.Songwriting is what gave Tamara her push to enter in this male dominated industry and since a small child she had been singing in church. When she first started her ambitious pursuits she was more focused on modeling and acting until she met a producer at a photo shoot and she had the opportunity to sing for him. He asked her if she wrote music as well and right there on the spot she said "I do now" after leaving the photo shoot she promptly went home and wrote 10 songs and from there she was hooked. Her stage name is comprised of her middle name and the word Bubble which sheds light on her bubbly personality along with her prized asset. Finding influences from her early exposure to singing in church her Gospel background gives her a soulful presence. She loves harmonies so her musical influences took a direct hit towards all 90's R&B groups like Brownstone, SWV, En Vogue, 702, 112 ,Jodeci, and Boyz II Men.(To name a few) She credits her Rap influence to Biggie Smalls,"he's the reason that I respect lyricism in hip hop and I love his storytelling and flow." Tamara even credits Ella Fitzgerald for her love of Jazz and why she still scats even today. She credits Michael Jackson's overall stage performance as her reason to love Pop. She considers herself the ultimate blend of Pop, R&B, Jazz, Soul, and Hip Hop. She makes music that defies all genres. And with her raw vocals and heartfelt emotions backing her Tamara Bubble is able to create timeless hits that will transcend for years to come. Tamara has appeared in the Boston Globe, On NBC TV and is the host of her own online show called "U Gon Get Got". She has opened for major acts including but not limited to Lil Mo, Joell Ortiz, Cassidy, Snootie Wild, Yo Gotti, and Young Thug.(To name a few) She has also performed at the A3C Hip Hop festival, iMusic Festival, Southport Spring Festival and The Apollo Theater. She has charted on the independent radio charts and the top 200. She is currently promoting her new mixtape "JuiceBox" which is a 10 minute knock out fight as she murders old school beats, Slander Donald Trump, Fox News and Defends All Female rappers. She also has an EP called "Proceed with Caution" that dropped a month ago. Tamara bubble is also a six time All-star Award nominee and winner of "Album of the Year" for her "Living It Up" (EP) as well as an Underground Music Award nominee for "Female Rapper of the Year. Tamara shows and proves with every new project she drops. She has the sauce and is ready to serve up all that she has. Be on the look out for all the moves this Queen is making and check out all her content below along with our short interview.


Q & A with Tamara Bubble

Has the achievements you've received made you more noticed by your peers?

[Tamara Bubble]:"
Yes, definitely. My peers already respect my work and many are fans too, but the accolades help in terms of collab requests and networking. I intentionally have not done any collabs (with mainstream / indie) on any of my projects because I do so much. My range is from Baritone to Soprano. I work with and blend so many genres so I wanted to be able to showcase ALL of what I do so people are fully aware of the BUBBLE, but they're seeking me out and showing love and it's really dope!

[MSC]:Who do you make your music for and why?
[Tamara Bubble]: I make a music buffet for life's problems! I'm that friend you can come to and ask anything on any touchy subject ... whether it's about clubbing, love, sex, relationships, suicide, crime, stereotypes, politics, current events, and more! There's no limit to what I won't talk about and my concepts are powerful, comical and sexy so my catalog has something you can dance to, cry to, laugh to, and make babies to 😉 ... all things bubbly, of course.
Out of all the features you've done is there any you wish you hadn't done?
[Tamara Bubble]: 
lol I never want any regrets and music chemistry is something you can't predict so I welcome the collabs, but like I said earlier I haven't done any features on my work or projects because I'm still in the process of revealing my full sound and all that I'm capable of. As far as features on other artists' projects ... they go through my management first (contact form on my official webbie and once the business make sense it's #BubbleOnDeck 🙂 so the music is gonna be popping.
[MSC]: Besides music what are some business ventures you're interested in just as much or more than music?
[Tamara Bubble]: 
Well I'm also an actress, model, TV host, and pod-caster. I have an online TV show "U Gon Get Got" where we expose scammers in entertainment. I do it to give back to the indie community because there's no gatekeeper or resumes in entertainment. Anybody can just build a website, set up an email and a pay pal and start preying on the up and coming dreamers. I have a video podcast (on my called "Bubble On Deck" where I talk about random topics ... all things bubbly and another podcast in connection with UGonGetGot that give advice and tips for newbies in entertainment. If that isn't enough lol I develop jingles, commercials, music licensing for businesses and even do a little consulting in my spare time ... If there's ever any lol. Those brand building services are on my Tamara Bubble Entertainment sister site But to be truthfully honest, I'm not interested in anything more than I'm interested in music. I'm writing new material EVERYDAY and just as eager to record it, rehearse it, promote it and perform it! #BubbleOnDeck

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