Monday, August 4, 2014

EyeBall Relly.... |VIDEOBOMB: Why Work w/ Rate

I hope readers alike and the artist really appreciate what I do. I cannot spare folks when it comes to this music. I honestly put both ears to a listen and my two eyes to visuals and let me start by saying I saw no originality compared to his "Trapping Wit Me" video. I had the whole Migos vibe this video even down to the look. I appreciated the "Trapping Wit Me" video because of the dope ass Rays jacket which gave me the feel of "Prince of St.Pete" but compared to "Why Work" this was too watered down with already over used lingo and weighed down visually by a familiar look. Now the content was not on the level of Jeezy's but it was not a repetition of the same catchy phrase, he actually put time into each verse even if they were basic they help build the song and can easily turn up trap music lovers. It would not be my first choice for a banger but it has a certain feel to it that it would do good in certain areas southern wise. I appreciate EyeBall Relly stepping in the paint and really taking putting his all into the song, I  hope the next single is bigger and better. Check out  his latest video for "Why Work" and Check out his latest mixtape Prince of St.Pete


Lyrics: 2.5
Visual: 3
Star Potential: 1
Overall: 3
Favorite Line: N/A 

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