Sunday, September 15, 2013

Can I be your Motivation?

I think everybody is entitled to their opinions and can voice that opinion but it's not a requirement that everyone has to follow that opinion. They're formulating their own opinion about the situation. I often ask myself why I am doing this? and what is it that I hope to gain from this? I mean those are both great questions but my answer is always why not? I’m young, ambitious and my determination is apparent. No matter who you are and what you do, people will find anything to stifle your stance.  We often don't realize it until the damage is already done. And then we are faced with our biggest challenge, which is getting back up. We must remember that tomorrow is a new day and that there will come a day that critical people will find themselves amongst their own critics. I am Ms. Street Cred is growing daily and as others see me as just another promoter or just another blogger, this may be true in their opinion but to the people that rock with me and those that personally know me they know my truest potential. I have started something that I created with hope to succeed beyond my wildest imagination with it. I hope to build a brand that I am proud of and that my supporters will be glad to be a part of. Had I not made that first move to even start, where would I be? I often think about that. I honestly cannot tell you. Probably still wishing and hoping. Just because I told myself I could and I am my biggest motivator, I have made changes and been implementing actions that will assist me with moving forward on my path to greatness. I can honestly say I wasn’t always the type to walk up and talk to a random person but my jobs and my infectious personality have proven to be great assets in the lifestyle that I have chosen to live and the future business ventures that I want to jump start. I am proud of myself for actually done things I wouldn't normally do and really pressing the boundaries as far as a box is concerned. I pray that whoever takes the time to read this brief post finds encouragement in my words and never stops trying! Falling is definitely half the battle but getting back up shows real strength.


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