Wednesday, July 3, 2013

There's always your first...💭💋

So this week I took the time to make necessary steps to transition into what I want to do as far as being Ms.StreetCred and what I want to accomplish. I go back to my years in high school and my interest really broke off in different directions then. I partook in particular electives that would spark my mind to create and come up with my own interpretation of ideas,feeling,situation,or events. Whom ever is reading is probably like  ok what does that have to do with it but here's where electives come into play. I took two typical electives but for me they both allowed me to really dig  deep and really tap into the things that I had conceived. In yearbook and art I had the power to now use my own thoughts and apply them to a provided canvas or assignment. They both were so similar in execution and I mean as similar as a you had to come up with a concept, develop it,elaborate on the construction and complete the structure of it. Art was simple and I loved it because it helped me tap into my creative side with different  techniques like pottery, painting with water color, oil, acrylic, drawing, etc it was GREAT and I actually wouldn't mind getting back into some of them. Now yearbook was something like a worthy adversary because even though writing is my natural talent,  it pushed me to not only use my ability to come up with ideas but it threw me into something I had never been particularly fond of and that was people interaction. Going to events,finding out the scoop, taking pictures,then coming up with layout to combine all that you just did on one sometimes two pages. So as Ms.StreetCred I hope to do something I don't see a lot of females doing in my city and thats promoting the artist that come from our community, going to shows and showing support, reviewing events, giving constructive criticism, highlighting various hustles and most importantly trying to revive the community.By no means am I saying there are not people or females that do not go to shows and support or are not trying to make a difference in our community, If there are any females doing anything Salute to you we need to unite and help restore faith within our community. I am glad to step up and try. I hope those who might peek at this blog get curious enough to follow the blog to watch me as I embark on this journey.
-MSC Never turn the volume down!!!

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