Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ten On Top with a side of 5!

So I do apologize for the delay in a update but no need to worry while I have been absent, I have definitely been keeping my ear to the streets. Below as usual are my top 10 choices as well as my Top 5 Mixtapes, check them out and get up on what I'm viben too.  

TOP 10 
1 Smooth Hines - Backpack Rap
2 F.L.Y ft Future - Splashin

3 Wale ft. French Montana- 
Back 2 Ballin'
4 Lil Mouse- Cashin' N Bandin' 
5 Lil Mouse- Get Smoked

6  Future - Ain't Neva Seen
7 Flux ft Clubz -  Bad Guy
8 Young Scooter - Colombia
9 Shawty Lo - Pledge 
10 2 Chainz - My Own Drugs

Top 5 

Brianna Perry - Symphony no. 9: The Collection

J.Cole - Cole Front

Young Scooter - Street Lottery 

DANGERUSS - The Ingredients 

Various Artist-We Vibe We Club We Jook Vol. 4 

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