Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Allow Me to introduce myself...&& Playlist Craze

OK, so when I was in high school  I self proclaimed that I was the walking iPod. I mean I could bust out with any song, any genre, or any artist. I would get stares from people, but I didn't care, music literally puts me in a great mood. I love music!  Since  I ♥ music so much, and love when I get hooked on new music or local artist that haven't blown yet. I have decided to start bringing the music to folks locally where I am or I'm even open to checking out other artist from other states and sharing their music with folks as well. I also promote too and if you know anyone interested in being promoted like crazy on every social networking site let me know. 

I hate when people ask me what I'm listening to or what's on my play list. Literally everything and everybody. Gotta get the blog looking right but expect to see more. Never know might find a local you may know hitting my list. 


1.Brianna Perry ft. French Montana - Alright
2.Dutch Dirty ft Bo- Beezy & YottMusic  - SouthSide Hoes
3. Tha Joker - Don't Like Freestyle
4.Future ft. Kelly Rowland - Neva End
5. Yung Tone - No Cuffin'
6. Yo Gotti - Work
7. Ca$h Out - Big Booty
8. M.E. - Dance Like A Stripper
9. Shime ft Dutch Dirty -Need to Smoke
10.Juicy J ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz - Bands A Make Her Dance

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