Monday, June 2, 2014

Video Bomb: Blow YMS ft. Haitian Fresh w/ Rate

Since I heard the snippet about two weeks ago via Facebook I have  
been patiently waiting for the whole enchilada. This song is the epitome of a hot summer for St. Petersburg rapper Blow. He teamed up with that "Zoe" Haitian Fresh and delivered what I consider a saucy summer banger. I love the fact that they tied in the Spanish being utilized with the likes of idolized Drug lord, Tony Montana. There we’re a few scenes at the beginning from the iconic movie, Scarface and even ended the video with the familiar scene “Say Hello to my little friend” Amazing use of words, perhaps they just taught a few Spanish class drop outs a few things. I want you guys to check out the video that dropped yesterday and be on the lookout for more from Blow and his YMS camp. I have included my rate for this video and hope you guys enjoy Blow’s latest work. #Pressplay And check out his latest mixtape[Been Livin Off Wealth] hosted by the late and great Dj Nando



Lyrics: 4
Visual: 5
Star Potential: 4
Overall: 4
Favorite Line: "Hasta La vista, swervin' in my two seater, Sip that lean by the liter, banana split,no chiquita."


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