Monday, February 23, 2015

#VideoBomb| Australian Female Rapper Chelsea Jane w/o Rate

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to see what this Australian female rapper brought to the table. I'm not even gonna lie, I was expecting to hear Iggy yet I got more of that Aussie tongue and her swag is cute. I loved the girlie aspects she brought to the video and really appreciated  the usage of the bandanna, the gold chain, and the sunglasses that she sported. The video was so dope meets international. The valleys and hills reminded me of an area on GTA so from the start I was locked in and the city line shot was cool, it's always nice to see rooftop shots. I loved the concept even though it was typical for a female artist. The tub scene at this point is cliche and the lip stick on the mirror is a recycled act. I checked her out after Rah Digga made a reference to her in an interview with Thisis50 Radio that involved her opinion of Iggy Azalea (also from Australia). Check that interview out below after you check out Chelsea Jane's video "Where The Boys At?"


         Chelsea Jane|Where the Boys At? 


Thisis50radio Interview |w/ Rah Digga


Monday, February 2, 2015

Spotlight Artist| Paublo Patrick

Despite the all to familiar scenario of being brought up by a single parent, St.Petersburg,Fl native and local rap newcomer Paublo Patrick has dealt with his share of life woes. Being one of 7 Paublo has dealt with the unpredictability of life early on. From the death of his mom who died when he was just 8 years old and then transitioning to being raised by his grandparents. Like most rappers there is a path that one took and the territory that comes with the Street life has gotten him in a few situations resulting in a grazed head from a bullet, programs designed to deter him from prison and even a few stints in the county jail. Despite his rough start, three years ago Paublo Patrick made the conscious decision to put his focus on something that everyone could relate to, music. In the 2011- 2012 year he started out as a duo along side his cousin called 2 Gutta  they both decided to join a larger group of artist who were spear headed by Mareese Speights and his  BPM group. Due to visionary differences Paublo left and joined Aleem at Paper Up Ent but later left due to a short stint in jail in the 2013-2014 year and upon his release in Decemeber decide to in his words keep it real with himself and the people and decided to be be himself and  pursue a solo career. Even though he isn't signed with anyone and is technically a free agent in the rap game, he is now affilated with the 10 Hunnit movement which is home to St.Pete artists Young Teo,Florida Missle, & TMoe. Prior to being Paublo Patrick he went by the moniker PDub aka Mr. IDGAF. It was a nickname that he had been called since he was 13 and he still goes by dub in the hood. He used the name Paublo as like a new born of Paul Patrick and has been running with Paublo Patrick ever since.  When asked about his music he says "My goal is to touch those who have been through hard and rough times. Those who have experienced some of the things I have and haven't." Given that he is just three years in he is a driven unpredictable individual when it comes to his craft. His  "Lifes a Struggle Vol. 2" dropped  December 26 of last year. He has blessed the listeners with an official single off his current  project "Lifes a Struggle Vol. 1"  titled "3921" Which is where Paublo says it all started. It is the address of his grandparents home where he grew up and the place that played a major role in his life. "3921" is his biggest project to date.  In the last few months Paublo has been doing shows, video shoots, promo at clubs and in the studio working on his upcoming mixtape. He has been building an extensive collection of his music and has videos via youtube under his previous stage name "Pdub as well as under Paublo. He did a mixtape with BPM called "Will I Make It." which has a video called " Can't Fuck With Me" with Lil Shad & TMoe both gracing the track as well as a project still in the process with Blood Raw. He also has a few unreleased tracks that may or may not get heard but it's apparent that Paublo Patrick is working and growing momentum as he has been working on the Video for an upcoming track called "Ride On'em" Be on the look out for this young and fresh new artist as he adds to the stable of growing rap artist out of St.Petersburg FL.

Q & A with Paublo Patrick 
[MSC]: Since starting out how has the music game been good or bad for you?
[Paublo Patrick]: With the music game, it seems lonely as hell. Some like you, and some just don't know why they don't like you. So, Good or Bad- more like Hot or Not. Worthy or Unworthy. Seems like they all want someone they can get over on. But uses they talent for show.

[MSC]: I see you have been affiliated with a few different camps, do you get criticized for being a flip flopper?

[Paublo Patrick]:You know things get back to you in this small place. Of course I hear things in songs around the way, but it's never direct, so I just let it blow in the wind.

[MSC]: What artist in the game inspired you to pursue rapping?

[Paublo Patrick]: My big homies were 2Pac fans. I came up on Boosie & Webbie. Boosie reminds me of 2Pac. He used to talk right through me. I'm inspired by them & now Kevin Gates. I can say da same about Gates. "Real Recognizes Real"

[MSC]:What do you hope to accomplish outside of being an artist?

[Paublo Patrick]: I Pray and Hope to Become a Successful Black Man in This World and Lifetime, Period. "Straight, Get What You Put In!"

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