Wednesday, November 28, 2012

727 Stand Up!

Well many people don't know that I am on YouTube and I don't post videos anymore but I do still favorite and like videos. In the last few days I went looking for local artist that I already knew of but was happy to discover a few new one's  Let's just say I'm proud of my city! The artist I found are definitely putting on. A few have even been on my playlist consecutively.Who? You ask.  Below are my top five local artist that you should know. If you know anyone else that you believe should have made this list let me know.
Email me at

 If you haven't heard of them, your sleep! And Ima need for you to wake up! 

  1.  Heather Marie
  2. Skroodle
  3. Smooth Hines
  4. Cristol
  5. Famous Kid Brick

If you still just don't know any of those names links are available below so you can brush up on who hot in your city.  <---- Heather Marie<---- Skroodle <---- Cristol <---- Smooth Hines <--- Famous Kid Brick

Still Counting Money Vol 1

So I do frequent a couple mixtape sites, of course looking for whats hot and this week I came across DJ  The Infamous Haze's Mixtape Still Countin Money Vol 7. I love a mixtape that is jam packed with a variety of artist that are currently hot and I love a great remix there are a couple on this particular mixtape. He even has a track from the Game ft. Master P! I was super hype to see that. Check it out and if you ain't scared tell me what you thought.  I'll let you in on a few of my favorites below. If you interested in the mixtape the link will be below.

DatPiff: The Infamous Haze - Still Countin Money Vol 7

My Favs!
My favorites #'s 5, 7,8,9,10,12,14,15,17 & 18

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not so Sweet for Jones Jr.

With the wait finally over, I must say that I am definitely disappointed. I love Webbie's work and usually can go for any Trill Fam artist but I only  liked a few songs on the entire mixtape, I usually can play a Webbie album or mixtape from Intro to end. I  will say this mixtape probably wasn't his best solely due to the shooting death of Webbie's brother and label mate Lil Phat, in early June. This being his first mixtape since then, I can understand that in the last few months his mind might not have been into the music. The mixtape features thirteen songs, with samples from a few current songs as well as old ones. Unfortunately Young Savage wasn't savage enough for me and I enjoyed Savage Life 3 more. I hope the next mixtape is a better one.

My Likes...
Let Me See
No Lie
Same Damn Time

Mixtape available @



Song list... 

  • .Intro download
  • 2.International Players Anthem
  • 3.Bandz A Make Her Dance
  • 4.Adorn
  • 5.Let Me See
  • 6.Turn On The Lights
  • 7.No Lie
  • 8.Same Damn Time
  • 9.Clique
  • 10.Moment
  • 11.Pop That
  • 12.John
  • 13.Undisputed

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Calling all Local Artist Everywhere!

No matter your genre of music I want to hear it! Since I will be super busy  with work and last minute things before my trip I am dying to have new tunes. I love rap and hip hop but wouldn't be opposed to hearing something new and refreshing. I am not picky about music so, shoot me a link or comment and I'll be sure to get back with you soon!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Allow Me to introduce myself...&& Playlist Craze

OK, so when I was in high school  I self proclaimed that I was the walking iPod. I mean I could bust out with any song, any genre, or any artist. I would get stares from people, but I didn't care, music literally puts me in a great mood. I love music!  Since  I ♥ music so much, and love when I get hooked on new music or local artist that haven't blown yet. I have decided to start bringing the music to folks locally where I am or I'm even open to checking out other artist from other states and sharing their music with folks as well. I also promote too and if you know anyone interested in being promoted like crazy on every social networking site let me know. 

I hate when people ask me what I'm listening to or what's on my play list. Literally everything and everybody. Gotta get the blog looking right but expect to see more. Never know might find a local you may know hitting my list. 


1.Brianna Perry ft. French Montana - Alright
2.Dutch Dirty ft Bo- Beezy & YottMusic  - SouthSide Hoes
3. Tha Joker - Don't Like Freestyle
4.Future ft. Kelly Rowland - Neva End
5. Yung Tone - No Cuffin'
6. Yo Gotti - Work
7. Ca$h Out - Big Booty
8. M.E. - Dance Like A Stripper
9. Shime ft Dutch Dirty -Need to Smoke
10.Juicy J ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz - Bands A Make Her Dance