Monday, March 31, 2014

Reviewing Improvements

I have been getting a vast majority of artist submitting videos and mixtapes and often I am either lost for words and don't care too much for the music but I loved the visuals or the video is trash but the message was clear and I loved it. For me it's not always about what you offer visually. I see your dope visuals but can you spit? I sometimes feel as if I am letting down the emcee that might not have given me his best song but because the first one wasn't something I like I didn't respond or I don't give them the right feedback and that is my bad as I have been trying to figure out how to execute a some what "rating system" and believe me I had names for days but couldn't accurately depict what I wanted to accomplish by reviewing mixtapes and videos.It is more than having a catchy name to call what it is that I am doing when I receive music. I am aware that as artist you guys spend a lot of time perfecting the art and improving your artistry. I have done a few mixtape reviews and I am proud of the finished analysis but I am not only going to voice my opinion about the collective project but I will be giving ratings based off of the following criteria.

  1. Lyrics
  2. Instrumentals
  3. Visual
  4. Star Potential 
  5. Overall Package 
     ie: Lyrics:4 Instrumental:5 Visual:4.5 Star Potential:4.7 Overall: 5

The scale will be based from 1-5 with 5 being the highest. The more 5's the more often you may grace the Top 10 and Top 5. I am a real sucker for music I love. It is in no way or form showing favoritism to particular artist nor will the repeated entry's be because someone's individual grind to be featured. I solely make  decision on who is featured and I have had moments where I wanted to feature the same artist from last week the following week because I simply enjoyed the work behind the mixtape or the work the artist does in general. I am appreciative of every artist that continues to submit music and I encourage you if you like constructive criticism and want to know my honest opinion to continue to send in your music. You never know if I will review your album, mixtape, or video. It is often not something you will know about until I post. This helps keep its unbiased. If for any reason you don't like your critique or review please submit a request via email for it to be removed. 


Friday, March 28, 2014

10 on Top 5 Below

Its another Top 10 with 5 Below. I have been jamming!! Do ya'll hear me. Thank you to all the artist that have submitted music and continue to do so. Without ya'll there is no me. I did recently start a radio show called Hood Watch on HipHopulist Radio. I would appreciate it if you folks would tune in weekly and give me positive as well as negative criticism. It all is appreciated and encouraged. I hope you guys enjoy the lists below and continue to rock with me. I got my Ears 2 The Streets

Top 10 Songs

  1. Love No Thotties - Chief Keef
  2. Third Eye - Rezza ft. Dre LaVey & SuCoo
  3. She Ready - Young Teo ft. Youngin
  4. That Good - ShowOut Tripz
  5. Marinate - Mighty Jai
  6. Shawty - Shyann ft. Famous Kid Brick
  7. Hard Work - Charli Funk
  8. Take it - Alec Burnright
  9. The Man - Aloe Blacc
  10. Shitted Again - King Phy Da Beast


Top 5 Mixtapes

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Video Bomb: Famous Kid Brick

The Black Beiber has dropped a very luxe video with his "Never Ever" Check it out Below.


Video Bomb: Young Teo

This guy is someone I am full hearty co-signing and honestly he doesn't need co-signing his artistry speaks for its. Check out Young Teo ft. Tom G From the Struggle the video has officially dropped. Check it out Below --MSC

Video Bomb: Trina

As always the self proclaimed bad bitch is back!! Check out her newest video "Money Ain't A Problem" below

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Who With The What #TMWFP Review

Well It's been almost a week since I did  a two post entry on ABR. In the midst of  him doing all of that with me, he dropped his mixtape The Man with Faux Pas and for those of you that's like "whoa whats  Fox Past" You're saying it wrong and you should go google it! I first would like to say If you are sleep on this artist you really should lay off the sleeping pills. For godsake I just presented him to you jerks on a silver platter. If you still want to act oblivious to his artisty you haven't checked out #TMWFP. He snapped, he made you think, and without saying it, he dared you to challenge him. It featured " Bruh Man" and " 5 Babies" Both being favorites of mine. It also featured six other dope tracks that showcased  Burnright's uncanny ability to tap dance on the pre frontal cortex of your brain. This was evident with his blunt content, his strong delivery and of course his beats. I don't know whether to call it a mixtape, an EP, or in his words an experiment since he is a Scientist ( I'm convinced). I enjoyed his take on what he likes to call  "Conscious Trap" It was definitely a medley of awakening punchlines and it's production set me the listener in a state of confusion because there was times I wanted to just hit a full Khloe Kardashian twerk but the lyric content wouldn't allow me. I wanted  to know what he was going to say next. I thoughtfully listened and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I am never disappointed in his artistry and what he puts out. I send well wishes, continued motivation, and success to Alec Burnright and the entire CLPNation family. I have added links to listen and download #TMWFP as well as ABR Spotlight Review I did 6 days ago. Enjoy the goods and make sure you tell him this particular mu'fucka sent you!

To check out #TMWFP: ttps:// 

Download It:

CLP Nation:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Video Bomb: Alec Burnright |Bruh Man|

When CLP Nation comes through it's always love. Alec Burnright has dropped off another great track with dope visuals. Everybody remembers Bruh Man! Well let the lyrical wrath of ABR transform every thought you ever knew about Bruh Man. Check out the Video below and please visit

Spotlight Artist- The Man With Faux Pas[ ABR]

Mastermind, Scientist, Creative, and Effortless Genius, are all the attributes that come to mind when I think of Alec Burnright. He is ½ of CLP Nation which is a blog platform for other indie artist and mainstream artist. They also showcase technology, and other dope topics. Besides heading a blog site, he is an artist above all else. I first discovered Alec Burnright on one of CLP Nations affiliated artist Charli Funk’s song, Clique.  When I first heard him he was BNyce but I soon found out that BNyce was Alec Burnright. Hence his catchy line… “I use to Bnyce until I learned to Burn Right.” From there on out I have not only supported ABR but the entire CLP Nation movement. He is what should be playing on the radio but because of watered down, mainstream artist; the world according to our society wouldn’t be able to handle his raw and uncut interpretation of how the world really is. He plays upon intelligence well and his subject matter is definitely something that will have you searching google and the library for answers. He doesn’t sugarcoat a thing and is proud to poke back at critics. He recently dropped his rendition of Drake’s Trophies and My God! Can someone please get him on MTV jams with the likes of Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and any other rapper that is actually saying something real? Even though he says what most people are afraid to say about our country or about worldly issues he sometimes switches up his approach by banging out a nice club single. He is definitely someone that should be on heavy rotation on majority of real hip hop and rap listener’s playlist. Did I forget to mention that besides heading a blog and being an artist he is also a dope producer. Alec Burnright has opened for AfroMan, Machine Gun Kelly and Nappy Roots. With CLP Nation rising in numbers he continues to network and grow in the indie-ground scene. He credits inspiration from Buju Banton to A$AP Rocky to your favorite indie artist. He is diverse in his love for music and you never know what he will drop next with his Island roots and his love for dope lyricist like himself. 
When asked who Alec Burnright sounds like, many are often stumped, stating that the sounds of CLP Nation's Jamaican-born, Miami-bred flagship recording artist and producer Alec Burnright are both unique and refreshing.His newest project The Man With Faux Pas #TMWFP drops 3.15.14.
 When you get done here please check out Alec Burnright and his blog site 

[Q & A with ABR]

1.M$C: I know you use to Bnyce until you learned to Burnright... Why the name change?
ABR: I came up with the name b nyce when I first started rapping. It was simple and sounded cool enough. Over the years though I noticed a lot of B Nyce's and strange variations of it. 2 nyce, d nyce, z nyce, nyce nyce, it just started to feel mad corny and trite. so in an effort to show people I should be taken more seriously, and to have a name I could brand as my own, I took my middle name Alec, and a play on my last name, woodburn... and just ran with that. I had actually planned this before I changed it.

2.M$C:What is your biggest accomplishment to date?
ABR: My biggest accomplishment I'd say is CLP Nation as a whole. I dont know.... everything. I started off making wack beats with my homie, doing shows with my eyes closed, and starting up a stupid blog.... to making crazy futuristic beats, having people hit me up after shows because a friend of there's dropped my name because of my performance, and our blog was recognized by HulkShare and is gaining more traction everyday, plus the team is growing and people see the movement and they want to help it roll. I would definitely say CLP Nation as a whole unit is the biggest accomplishment.

3.M$C:The Man With Faux Pas drops soon... What can listeners expect from this project?
ABR: TMWFP is in 2 words: Conscious Trap. People love trap... they love the bass, they love the busy hi hats. People usually like to hear ignornace on those beats though. Then you have the people that like to hear about world issues and politics and enlightened topics... but usually those types of beats are uninteresting to the masses, and are only appreciated by the 'hard core hip hop heads' .... so what I wanted to do was jump on some trap shit and - of course sprinkle it with a little ignorance here and there - but even more so, sprinkle some intellect on that bitch give some ish you can think about, with a beat you can wild out too.

4.M$C:Being that you were raised in the 305, reside in the 727 and are Jamaican Born how do you balance all the musical influences in your music?
ABR: Growing up, mom dukes always had a cassette in the deck. A-side and B-side full of reggae tunes. I don't know a lot of artists names because they just had mixtapes they probably copped at the flea market but I think that's where I get alot of my rhythm... Especially in the beats I make but it definitely affects my cadence of my flow as well. My first album I ever owned, my auntie gave me... Arrested Development, "3 years....." that album I would say shaped my mind frame to the conscious side of things... but who are we kidding... I like alcohol, pussy, and weed like everybody else on this damn planet so forgive me if I dip into my jar of sin every other couple bars .... So that's where Miami booty scene comes into play thats probably where most of my ratchetness comes from, if any. Uncle Luke and all them. Before 727 it was the 352 though. We were in Gainesville for a minute. definitely had some influences from there as well. Definitely hood influences. So over the years I have been listening to and working with all different types of people and music. Now we end up in the Burg where I'm finally starting to master it all and use them all together in the right ways. Especially being right in between Tampa and the Burg, its great hearing the distinction between the two cities and the artist from both cities.


Visuals & Content|Alec Burnright


Connect with ABR

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ten on Top Five Below

Another week, another list of people you may or may not have ever heard of but I'm rocking with them so check out the Top 10 list and plug in. Top 5 mixtapes this week some are new, others not so much. Check those out and make sure you download your favorite one. Before I close out this post I would like to send out condolences and prayers to Speaker Knockerz family as they deal with this difficult time. #RIP #SpeakerKnockerz


Top 10 Songs

  1. She Ready - Young Teo ft. Youngin 
  2. Hardwork - Charli Funk
  3. Bad Bitch - Asia Monae ft. Showout Tripz
  4. All I Know- Pro Major
  5. Tonight - Lee Mazin ft. Phoenix
  6. Wiggle - Vish G Luci ft. Yank & Charli Funk
  7. L.O.V. ( Lingo) - Showout Tripz
  8. Open Letter - PhlyBoy Denero
  9. Wat You Gonna Do - Yottmusic
  10. That's How We Do it - iKhandy & G-Paid

Top 5 Mixtapes



Boosie Home

It hasn't even been a week and Boosie has been spotted popping tags, dropping freestyles and doing a collab with Webbie. If it wasn't apparent Boosie was missed and its nice to finally see him free. No more #FreeBoosie its all about #BoosieHome now. And I am sitting in anticipation for whats to come from him. I know he has something in store for everyone and we all must sit back and wait but I'm sure the wait won't be long. Salute to the entire Trill Fam camp and Welcome home Boosie Boo. Tune in today at 2pm est to see his first words since being released on


Check out Wartime and Boosie's  The Ride Home freestyle below

Remembering A Staple in Hip Hop

Yesterday marked 17 years that the Hip Hop and Rap community lost one of the greatest lyricist to ever do it. Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls was a staple of how people viewed early rap and hip hop. If Biggie hadn't submerged our culture would be more lost in what I now refer to as Trap Crap or Rap Crap. I just wanted to pay homage to a man whose talents, dreams, and future aspirations were cut short far too soon. I just want to send continued prayers to his family and friends and  though  he's gone The Notorious B.I.G lives on forever through his music. R.I.P Christopher Wallace b.k.a The Notorious B.I.G

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why you Should Rock with Rell [SpotLight Artist]

Lyricist, pioneer, veteran and entrepreneur are all words that can describe 
New Jersey's Rell Rock….

   Sherrall Lovett A.K.A Rell Rock was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey. She began rapping at the age of 11 and dropped her first major distributed album in 2004 at the age of 14, the self-entitled album: "I'm The Truth”. She has always had her finger on Hip Hop’s pulse and credits traveling and living all over the country as a teen for her being in tune with her love for Hip Hop. She became one of the youngest rappers to release music independently on her own label Zock Rock Records. From Philly to New Jersey, Rell Rock has created a reputation of being one of the most prolific and well respected female Hip Hop artists to bless the mic. Even years after her debut release, Rell Rock has consistently found ways to reinvent herself musically, which is apparent on her mixtape. “Black Diamond” She has also used the time to expand her resume and gain new fans. In October 2012, Rell Rock released her critically acclaimed sophomore indie release “Love and Hip Hop” which featured the hit singles “Superstar” and “2-Step”. Rell Rock’s highly anticipated 3rd project “Black Diamond” was recently released exclusively on DatPiff  in September of last year. It features smash radio single “Jersey”: which was produced by Roc Nation Philly platinum producer Jahlil Beats. Rell Rock’s latest project, “Black Diamond: VVS Edition” features all new music including the single “Survive” featuring Saigon which dropped a couple days ago on 2/15/2014.  Rell Rock is here to give balance in the world of Hip Hop music keeping the true elements of lyrics, storytelling, and entertaining, but also providing inspiration and information to her community. She writes her own music and is not afraid to set herself apart from the “norm” expected in Hip Hop especially for women. Through her music, Rell Rock will prove emphatically that she has the ability to take clever words and translate them into powerful songs. After years of being courted by major record labels, Rell Rock decided to take her dreams in her own hands, and continue releasing music on her own independent record label. She has created a blueprint for the new era of female rappers and hip hop in general.


[Q & A]:

[M$C]How did you come up with Rell Rock as your name?
[RELL ROCK]My nickname growing up was Relly, so Rell was the first part, and the Rock part comes from my first album I did when I was 14 years old, I would “rock” the mic so to speak. Lol. Another factor was the first professional female rapper was named Sha Rock (From Funky Four + 1 who were signed to SugarHill Reocrds in 1977) way before my time, but I believe in knowing the history of hip hop is important for us as the new generation. That gave me inspiration as a female to know we play a vital role in the foundation of Hip Hop. Almost 3 decades later, I have own my own independent label, own all my masters, releasing my 4th project this spring and it feels good to try and pioneer a new movement for us female emcees/rappers.
[M$C]: Do you think it’s harder being a female in the Hip Hop scene in this era versus when Lauryn Hill or Queen Latifah stepped up as female emcees in theirs?
      [RELL ROCK]: I think the women who laid the foundation definitely had it harder to be noticed in a male dominant culture/music. During the era of Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah Hip Hop had more voices and styles then. You had the gangsta rap, the political element, the fun records, and the lyrical based emcees. When Gangsta rap got introduced and became profitable more than the other types of hip hop, people like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown (who I salute all day) started the trend of sexual based female rappers. I have love for Nicki Minaj, she def is a real emcee, but with the emergence of a lot of female rappers now on the indie scene, its going to open up and provide that variety again, and also show we don't have to be sexual based to sell records or gain fans. We all have different voices and points of views, just like the male emcees and rappers. Its looking good for us now though, we are on our way!
[M$C]: Do you have a movement and if so what is it?
[RELL ROCK]: My clique is the N.E.R.D. Gang (New Era Rap Draft) consisting of the new emcees and artist that speak from the hood with intelligence and let the younger ones coming up to know that being smart is cool and doesn't make you weak. We are all from the hood and get respect from it, but we are not endorsing the elements that destroy the community. Right now members are based in different parts of New Jersey, but we def plan on expanding worldwide.
[M$C] I see you used a lot of artist interview samples for your mixtape “Black Diamond” are those particular artist inspiration or people you look up to? 
[RELL ROCK] I did that to make the listener actually get in the them of the music and the song coming. Def these are all artist that are worthy of respect, from Lauryn Hill, Redman and Rah Digga, pioneers of the New Jersey hip hop movement, KRS One, Martin Luther King, Floyd Mayweather, Will Smith, Jay Z, 50Cent,to Tupac. All had a real voice in our community and will forever be in the history books of ones to admirer and learn more about. 

DOWNLOAD: Black Diamond on





Monday, March 3, 2014

NEW MUSIC: #FreeBloccaBam

I got something new from PIFFD OUT & STICK UP NATION FROM THE YOUNG'IN BLOCCA BAM. It's called Same N*gga and its off his upcoming mixtape "Guns and Funds" Press play and show Blocca Bam and his camp love by downloading and sharing the song. #FreeBloccaBam

Video Bomb: Hard Work Charli Funk

This past week the Chancellor of Cool dropped a video online called "Hard Work". I have of course included it below. please press play and show the Chillest of Chillers some love on his newest project. Definitely feeling this one and the visuals we're short and sweet and sometimes that's all we need to get our point across. Check out the official video Below for Charli Funks "Hard Work" 


Connect with Charli Funk

Ten on Top|Five Below: The Power Of She

I have been on a hunt for the hottest female artist and I have finally found enough to do a complete entry on them. Since I personally feel like this is a male dominated industry its nice to see that female emcee are still arising. I have been following a few of these ladies for a few years, while others are literally a few weeks ago. I am all for girl power and I commend each and every one of the ladies that are below. I appreciate ya'll for stepping up against your male counterparts. I too battle with being a female in this music scene and I understand what it takes to not compromise yourself, and remaining true to yourself. I am honored to show case my favorite female emcees. Perhaps your favorite is gracing this list. If you know of any dope female artist and you think I should check them out. Please send links to 


    Top 10 

  1. Snow Tha Product - F*ck The Rent 
  2. Raven Felix - Watching Me
  3. Nyemiah Supreme - Nothin
  4. Lee Mazin ft. Lil Snupe - Yesterday
  5. MEGA-Punani 
  6. Dreezy - I Love that B*tch
  7. Asia Monae ft. ShowOut Tripz - Bad Bitches
  8. Bailee Moore - Mirror Mirror
  9. Katie Got Bandz ft. King Louie - Pop Out
  10. Terica Cooper - Pussy Nigga Shemix
     Honarable Mentions
 11. Chanel West Coast - Alcoholic 
 12. Iggy Azalea - Bounce
 13. Sasha Go Hard- Rondo
 14. Lil Debbie - B*tches

  Top 5 Mixtapes






Cypher Style:


Rell Rock- Hello Love (F.U. Love) Freestyle

Boyfriend - Hunch n Munch

Lee Mazin- Don't Want it

Dime Don - Mafia Shit

JunglePussy -Stitches

Raven Felix - Gone Bad (Bound 2)