Sunday, January 28, 2018

CGE Video Bomb w/ Rate (Insider Edition)

So this specific video bomb is near and dear to me because my camp is responsible for this production, Special thanks to 12/12 Production for their awesome videography skills. This video features WeBandz artist Cea$ar Christian and fellow St.Petersburg rapper Paublo Patrick. When the two collabed on this track I don't think any of us fathomed exactly what this video was going to convey all we knew was that we needed it to be " Poppin ". The beat is produced by our in house lead producer Tango who is also featured in the video along side Cea$ar and Paublo. With the larger than life lyrics from Cea$ar Christian, Paublo Patrick adds his real life lyrics to create a perfect combination. While this is my camp I felt the need to give an unbiased critique of something I had a role into bringing to fruition. While overall I am happy with the quality of the finished product, I felt that the girl chosen as the video girl should have been better selected.  She lacked the visual presence we needed and  she lacked the dance moves. Ironically as a collective we shared a few laughs about her moves and even named them. I thought Cea$ar Christian has a presence about him that assist his rapping style. His style is like none other and his usual swag went well with the concept. Paublo Patrick's delivery was  a direct reflection of him as an artist, although some people who had the opportunity to check out the visuals prior to the release did not like his energy it is my knowledge of his artistry that allows me to appreciate his calm never over the top demeanor. Cea$ar Christian took a more materialistic approach to "Poppin" while Paublo touched on real life scenarios in his usual prophet delivery manner. The visuals showcased a closed set scene, scenes from MLK 2017, and an outdoor scene featuring a dope Chevy with switches.  For this to be our first video it is perfect, but it is  a pivotal example for future visuals from Cheddar Gang. I am proud to be apart of a great concept and I pray we continue to help artist evolve as we embark on our musical journey as a whole. Please check out the visuals for "Poppin" below and be sure to connect with the artist as well. My full rate is below and any and all criticism is appreciated and wanted. The song will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and all other outlets on 2/1.


Instrumental: 5
Visuals: 3.5
Star Potential:3.5

Favorite Line(s):
Cea$ar Christian:"Gucci all on my waist, look of success in my face, Tango gone go heavy Diddy, I'm gone go heavy Mase, get some matching rollies, probably throw them in your face, love an educated ratchet  that will put you in your place. " 

Paublo Patrick: "Was paul paul back then, now I'm Paublo the King ,that 3921 got these n*ggas convening, with ten bands on the body, got these bitches on E, defiant she getting nasty yea she cuffin her teeth." 


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