Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Recap|100th Post!!

As I'm sure most of you are aware I have not been on here daily, like I should but believe me when I say E2TS is backed up with great posts' in the next few weeks. I  debated on doing this really cool video but decided to save it for a later date. As the year winds down and people get geared up for the new year instead of waiting until those last few days in this month to bang out my year recap I thought it more appropriate to get a head start on it. This year was filled with quite a few hot singles and videos along side some really Dope videos. I have met so many new artist with so many different approaches to their crafts. It's apparent that I will not cover each and everyone in this one single post but I will bring you the best recap ever. I'm talking top 50 singles, top 25 mixtapes, top 25 videos and some artist you have to keep an eye on in 2015. This will be a long recap but a well worth the check out because these artist I co-sign so hard. A few will be mainstream while others are locally based from St.Petersburg, FL as well as across the country. The magnitude of this post alone will showcase the type of work I've been doing as far as reaching out and keeping my ears to the streets. I mean isn't that the reason we're all here? I have compiled my top 50 hottest singles from some of the best to ever do it  this year. I hope you guys enjoy the list and feel free to press links, check out artist info, and etc.



  1. 0 -100 - Drake
  2. Fuckin' Wit Ha - Cristol ft. Blackboi & Tom G
  3. Habits - Tove Lo
  4. Handsome and Wealthy -Migos
  5. Hot Nigga- Bobby Shmurda
  6. I'm Tellin Ya - Mighty Jai
  7. It's You - Kem
  8. Supreme - Rick Ross
  9. MoJo- JF & Crown Marquiss'
  10. Loyal - Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga
  11. Made Me - Snootie Wild ft. K Camp
  12. Next To It - Lupe Fiasco ft. Ty Dolla $ign
  13. N.L.U.- Keyshia Cole
  14. No Mediocre - T.I. ft. Iggy Azalea 
  15. No Juice - Lil Boosie
  16. No Type - Rae Sremmurd 
  17. The Explanation - Tha Joker
  18. Diamonds from Africa - Peewee Longway
  19. Or Nah- The Game ft. Too Short, Problem, & Eric Bellinger
  20. All Black - YottMusic
  21. Pussy Nigga - Woop ft. Yo Gotti & Kevin Gates
  22. Time- Que
  23. 1000 - Rich Homie Quan
  24. She Knows - Ne-Yo ft. Juicy J
  25. Situation - Peewee Longway ft. Offset
  26. Sunshine Remix - Wale ft. Rick Ross & Common
  27. New Flame - Chris Brown ft. Usher & Rick Ross
  28. Suppose to be in Love - Kevin Gates
  29. Lifestyle- Young Thug ft. Rich Homie Quan 
  30. Trappin Out A Mansion - Young Dolph
  31. SemiSub - Charli Funk
  32. Try Me Freestyle - The LOX
  33. Tuesday - ILoveMakkon ft. Drake
  34. U Guessed It - OG Maco & Key
  35. Coco - O.T. Genasis
  36. Club Zoo- Ella Ella
  37. Be Cool- Kno Sleep
  38. Cut Her Off Remix - K Camp ft. Lil Boosie, YG, & Too Short
  39. Errbody - Yo Gotti
  40. Hasta La Vista- Forgiato Blow ft. Haitian Fresh
  41. Hector - Young Scooter
  42. i - Kendrick Lamar
  43. IDWFU- Big Sean ft. E- 40
  44. L.O.V(Lingo) - ShowOutTripz
  45. Don't Play - Travis Scott ft. Big Sean
  46.  Edible - Sapphinora Love
  47. Love No Thotties - Chief Keef
  48. Get Up On My Level - Kevin Gates
  49. Never Ever - Famous Kid Brick
  50. Bad Bitch - Asia Monae ft. ShowOut Tripz

Top 25 Mixtapes of 2014
SHOUTOUT@CRUNKCOCO Was browsing Tumblr for gifs and came across a few of him.

 Top 25 Videos of 2014
Artist You Gotta Watch in 2015
Alec Burn Right
Sapphinora Love 
Part 2wo
Big Trin
Samurai Shotgun
Kno Sleep
Mighty Jai
Young Teo
Rell Rock
Charli Funk
Paublo Patrick
King Phy Da Beast
Young Huli

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hagen Lee X CLP NATION| Video Bomb w/ Rating

Hagen Lee, a St. Petersburg emcee teamed up with CLP Nation( Production) to birth Big
Badda Boom and the name along should have you rushing to press play. It's Big, It's got Badda, and it for damn sure has Boom. I love the fact that it cut to live footage of Hagen Lee and ABR chugging down beers on the beach and their friends cheering them on. It made it authentic and not so much like a concept driven video. And sick tattoo on the guy Drink, Fight, Fuck, I don't know if it's real  but I thought it went well with what the song concept was.  The single is featured on a compilation Mixtape called  "Lab Rats Vol. 1" that is fully produced by and for Download link below)  Be on the look out for Hagen Lee's  project titled " Working Class Hero" its slated to drop soon. Check out the visuals and rates for "Big Badda Boom" below. 



Lyrics: 5
Star Potential: 4
Overall: 5




Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora|Black Widow X Video Bomb w/o Rate

Off her debut album "The New Classic" Iggy Azalea enlist Rita Ora to assist her with this single about a failed relationship. The video features familiar scenes from the movie "Kill Bill" and might I add both ladies are super sexy in their skin tight cat suits. It is classic Iggy and features a great add on with Rita Ora's sultry voice. Check out the video below! 




Big Trin| "Dreams" Video Bomb w/ Rate

Big Trin, an Orlando emcee released his latest video for his single "Dreams" If  you usually fall for the songs that sample a groovy old school song then you will fall victim to this. He not only isn't watered down visually his lyrics make him a lyricist in my book. He holds nothing back in this realistic conscious take on having dreams. He dives deep into his own dreams and unbeknownst to you, you're now thinking about your own dreams.  I highly recommend that you guys press play below and check out the video. The video was shot by @LegitLooks and the song was produced by Statik Selektah. Also be on the look out for Big Trin's debut project "No Pressure No Diamonds" Coming Soon!!

Lyrics: 5
Star Potential:5
Overall: 5

Favorite Line: "Burning desire to be that number that come before two." 


Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm Not A Rapper I Just Act A Lot | Rappers and Musicians that crossover into Film

I know everybody and they cousin have seen 
all four “House Parties” on more than one occasion and I can think back to several other movies that featured rappers and well known urban musicians. Though majority of them are urban films they we're still movies that not only showcased urban living and realistic scenarios but featured rappers that were trying to add more to their resume by crossing over into film. It was often what I like to call a “Hood Movie” or something with a compelling story involving emphasis on urban street life. One of the first movies I saw that featured a well-known rapper and was also set in an urban setting was John Singleton’s 1991 film “Boyz N The Hood”. Ice Cube who played doughboy, the older brother to a high school football star lived a quite different life from his superstar brother that involved toting guns and playing costar to Cuba Gooding Jr. was probably a big test since he was the “gangsta rapper” straight outta Compton. I thought he did an amazing job and he went on to do “Higher Learning in 1995 under Singleton’s direction. John Singleton went on to direct movies that had Tupac, Ludacris, Andre 3000, Tyrese, and Janet Jackson all as main or supporting roles. 

As this particular entry has been sitting in drafts for well over two weeks, when I first came up with this piece I was just so happening watching “ 21 Jump Street 2” and it featured Ice Cube once again but “Ladies First” hip hop lyricist Queen Latifah co stared with him as the parents of Jonah Hill’s on again off again girlfriend. This wouldn’t be the first time these two have co stared together. Think back to “Barber Shop 2” and even before then Queen Latifah had racked up a consider amount of movie stardom because of her role in the movie “Set It Off” starring alongside Jada Pinkett Smith, Kimberly Elise, and Vivica A. Fox. She was bad ass Cleo making dikes look cool before it was such a thing as to call a butch woman a dike.  That has to be my most noted movie for her and she really played the character. Had I not known she was a Hip Hop artist I would have thought she was a great actress. She later did a movie with rapper Common called “Just Wright” and it really show cased how far as an actress she had come. The same with Ice Cube if it had not been for that pivotal moment when he went from gang banger to college student, to an instant family man in the movie “Are We There Yet” we wouldn’t know that music artist had the potential to crossover and really sell to an entire different market of people. 

I think the one musician that stands out the most is J. Lo in “Selena” I am already a sucka for biopics and would love to acquire an extensive movie collection of all my favorites but when J.Lo did that film I felt like she had really embodied Selena. Looking back over old performances of Selena and how she performed, even down to the look. It is apparent that J.Lo took that script home, read over it, did stupid research and really got into who Selena was. Every time I watch the movie I am captivated. I think it’s always a plus when they find artist to play another artist in a movie. It’s like their paying homage to the person and I really appreciated that about “Selena” I cry every time I see that shooting scene and then they go to Madison Square Garden and all the fans are there. I have been tearing up since I was 7 years old on that same part and it isn’t because it’s sad it’s because J.Lo played that role so well I felt like I was one of those Mexican fans that had seen what Selena had given the world she was an amazing artist and really did amazing things with her talent, not only by breaking barriers for other Latin artist but by being genuine to herself as a person and artist. J.Lo though she was Jenny from the block she had crossed over even more after that movie and went on to be a maid, wedding planner, an abused spouse and countless other roles. 

Then you have to think about the artist that decided to do it themselves and extend their business of music into learning how movie production works some now even executive producing movies and television shows. I think it is refreshing to see artist not be limited to just music. It shows versatility and shows that they aren't a one trick pony. The next time you watch an old urban classic see how many musically inclined actors you come across. You might be surprised to even realize that you've even missed a few.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Ten on Top With Five Below|Sound Cloud Edition 2

TOP 10 & TOP 5 #SoundCloud Edition 2

#SoundCloud on several occasions has transformed into a musical vortex and sucked me in. I can literally be checking out one artist and based off their likes of another artist I'll go check them out and I'm like hey that's really dope and it's a repetitive process until I can't even remember who I was originally checking out. With all that being said I have compiled a decent Top 10 of artist that I frequent on #SoundCloud. Of Course there's a Top 5 and that will display some pretty dope mixtapes available via #SoundCloud or for Download through a third party site. Please check out each artist and enjoy my compilation. 

Top 10 

  1. Prince Greg - Have Mercy
  2. Mighty Jai - I'm Tellin Ya
  3. Cristol ft. Black Boi & Tom G - Fuckin With Ha
  4. Tomcat - You Aint Nothing
  5. Lyrican - So X-Rated
  6. JF & Crown Marquiss-Mojo
  7. Demon$ ft. Jack - 1995 Freestyle
  8. A$AP Mob- Hella Hoes
  9. Hagan Lee -Big Badda Boom
  10. Nyemiah Supreme ft. K. Camp - No Questions

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jhene Aiko |Video Bomb w/o rate

With Jhene Aiko's "Souled Out" Dropping today, she took the time out before the release to put visuals to the LP's single "The Pressure" Check it Out below and go get "Souled Out" via iTunes.



Work my #MOJO| Song Bomb w/ Rate

As Dope Collection's JF and Local Muzik's Crown Marquiss goes in on JF's first song off his anticipated sequel to "The Seminar EP". JF and Crown Marquiss embody that dope indie vibe. Who doesn't have the "I'm feeling myself" moment? I love the song concept and the word play is nothing less than what I expect from both Emcees. Tune in below to the new single off JF’s upcoming project "The Seminar 2" ft. Crown Marquiss. And make sure to go check out both of their latest projects JF: The-Seminar EP and Crown Marquiss: The Double Album Pt II


Lyrics: 5
Visual: N/A 
Star Potential: 5
Overall: 5


Connect with the Artist:


Monday, September 8, 2014

YottMusic: All Black| Video Bomb w/ Rate

I can't even lie this my jam. I have played it on Hood Watch as well as faithfully played it on my personal playlist and I have even featured "All Black" as well as other YottMusic songs on here. I am so glad to see that there is visuals for this dope track and it was a pleasure to review it because it was a literal portrayal of what I think about when I hear "All Black" I loved how it started by showcasing a prominent landmark in St. Petersburg. The small story line aided in getting you prepared for when the beat actually dropped. It was shot by St. Pete's own Charlie  Browne and features a group of people in all black really letting you know that if it comes down to it they about their issue. I think how it started with the classical music and serene message scene was a clever way of painting the illusion that the song was anything but hype but I think upon them getting out of the elevator, viewers already know what was up. I have included a rate as well as the video below make sure to check out YottMusic's  most recent work mixtape The Renaissance.


Lyrics: 5
Visual: 4
Star Potential: 4
Overall: 5 
Favorite Line: N/A 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Top 10 with 5 Below| Videos & List

                                                           LOOK OUT BELOW! 

Of course it's been a minute but I definitely have been super absorbed in some really great songs. I have compiled a pretty dope list of what I been rocking with and I hope this late summer/ fall playlist gets you to check out some of the featured artist and it wouldn't be a Top 10 without 5 Below. Mixtapes that you need and must check out are below and have direct links so you can listen and download. I hope you folks enjoy the music and don't be afraid to comment and follow the blog.


Top 10 

  1. Next To It- Lupe Fiasco ft. Ty Dolla Sign
  2. Rasheeda ft. Kaleena- Love Lock Down
  3. No Flex Zone- Rae Sremmurd
  4. Lil Boosie - Lifestyle (G-Mix)'
  5. Texas Margarita - Gucci Mane ft. Young Dolph & Dr. Phil
  6. Iceberg ft Young Cartoon & Lunch - Leave That Nigga
  7. Fight Night - Migos
  8. Mighty Jai- I'm Tellin Ya
  9. Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
  10. Rick Ross - Supreme

 Top 5

                                  2. Thug Thursday 2

                          2. CLPNation:We Are the Nation 2

                                  3. Live From Da Bando 5

                              5.Guess Who F*ckin Yo Bitches



I'm not even going to say much but the first thing I must say is Ah-Mazing is she. Lauryn Hill is the Queen and I would bow down to her any day. She put such a lyrically dope twist on a classic like the "Sound of Music" (Yes I'm up on musicals lol). Lauryn Hill originally premiered the track back in 2012 where she performed it live in Dallas on the " Life Is Good" tour. Given the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri she decided to release the audio and did she release something ferocious. I won't even prolong it anymore check out Lauryn Hill's "Black Rage" below!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Anaconda Want Some| Nicki Minaj Video Bomb W/O Rate

Well given the title everybody that has access to the internet has witnessed a plumped behind Nicki in some skin tight wardrobe that even has some women "beggin for a piece of that bubble." Ok ok enough of me sampling Sir Mix-a-lots words because Nicki sampled just enough for us all. The video is set in a jungle like scene with big booty woman gyrating and arching their backs to the captivating rhymes of Nicki Minaj. The single's artwork alone had folks on the edge of their seats upon it's release to iTunes earlier in the month. I too was waiting for YMCMB's first lady to drop this record. Besides it being Nicki, I definitely was digging the sample from one of my favorite jams, "Baby Got Back". I can only speak for myself when I say that I wasn't thoroughly impressed though. It was almost a step back down to Pink Friday but those dope visuals got me through the song if nothing else did. I also loved the fact that she incorporated some of her classic shit talking like she use to do on her mixtape songs. I can think of one song in particular when she was straight talking shit and that was " Itty Bitty Piggys". The ending of this song gave me life because it made me remember when I got on her music trail. This latest video from Nicki was definitely for the fellas but it simply wouldn't be Nicki without a cameo from her YMCMB label mate Drake making an appearance in what most men would say is the best seat in the house. I definitely don't want to go on about how great the visuals are you guys will just have to check it out below. Enjoy


Famous Kid Brick Move's On| Video Bomb w/ Rate

Well besides how quick the summer came and went, local based artist haven't stopped dropping music. The summer represented for some the end of a relationship and St. Petersburg native rapper Famous Kid Brick has put his own spin on "Moving On" With a killer storyline Famous Kid Brick adds to the growing list of Hussch Boy classics. He definitely can get all listeners to relate to a common issue that arrives when a relationship fizzles. He speaks the truth about relationship breakups that everyone has experienced even with an additional party added. The whole "Maybe it's me and maybe it's you" is such a factual statement that many can't just say but FKB said it for everyone. I actually enjoyed not only the visuals provided but the content within his lyrics. Below I have included the rate as well as the video. Please take some time and check out the latest from Famous Kid Brick and be sure to interact with him via Twitter @FamousKidBrick

Lyrics: 4
Visual: 5
Star Potential: 4
Overall: 4
Favorite Line: " It ain't nothing that you can do, it just everything that you did do"

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ten snuggly on Top with 5 Resting Below

It's been a while but nothing but music has been flying through my brain. The walking ipod lives! With the summer kicking off I have been trying to not only stay cool but indulge my ears in some true summer jams. Below I have compiled my top 10 with a nice top 5 list of Artist that are heating up my summer playlist. Make sure to check them out and Enjoy!!


Top 10
  1. Try- Colbie Caillat
  2. Vibing - Papa Duck
  3. I Can't Lie - Cristol ft. Black Boi
  4. Hasta La Vista - Blow ft. Haitian Fresh
  5. I'm Tellin Ya - Mighty Jai
  6. No Mediocre - T.I. ft. Iggy Azalea
  7. Cut Her Off - K Camp ft. 2 Chainz
  8. We Dem Boyz - Wiz Khalifa
  9. Blah Blah Blah - Rich Homie Quan
  10. Respect With The Teck - Fat Trel   

Top 5 

EyeBall Relly.... |VIDEOBOMB: Why Work w/ Rate

I hope readers alike and the artist really appreciate what I do. I cannot spare folks when it comes to this music. I honestly put both ears to a listen and my two eyes to visuals and let me start by saying I saw no originality compared to his "Trapping Wit Me" video. I had the whole Migos vibe this video even down to the look. I appreciated the "Trapping Wit Me" video because of the dope ass Rays jacket which gave me the feel of "Prince of St.Pete" but compared to "Why Work" this was too watered down with already over used lingo and weighed down visually by a familiar look. Now the content was not on the level of Jeezy's but it was not a repetition of the same catchy phrase, he actually put time into each verse even if they were basic they help build the song and can easily turn up trap music lovers. It would not be my first choice for a banger but it has a certain feel to it that it would do good in certain areas southern wise. I appreciate EyeBall Relly stepping in the paint and really taking putting his all into the song, I  hope the next single is bigger and better. Check out  his latest video for "Why Work" and Check out his latest mixtape Prince of St.Pete


Lyrics: 2.5
Visual: 3
Star Potential: 1
Overall: 3
Favorite Line: N/A 


Prince Greg drops his next single "Pray" from his recently released mixtape "Less Than A God 2". In his latest effort "Pray" Prince Greg lands a punchline every line, each hitting like wrecking balls over the sample driven production by Raak. Look forward to more singles & videos coming from Prince Greg soon.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shop Your Way with Nicki's Style expertise

So it seems Nicki Minaj is being critiqued for more than her shaded acceptance speech these days. She has also done something else to bring critiques her way. She has dove deeper into fashion with her clothing collection that is exclusively at K mart....Yes I said K mart which features a bunch of summer must haves. Of course all her barbz and kens will be flocking to the discount store for these designer inspired fashions since they are extremely affordable. I think anyone that knows me personally knows I am a fashion fiend and I  would consider myself pretty swaggy ( Possessing Aggravating Swag) I love to dress boldly and quite different then the rest of the world. I like a few of the outfits and accessories and thought besides bringing the info I'd show a few of my  favs from the collection. Here is the official link to shop Nicki's new collection Nicki Minaj Collection  and below enjoy my summer picks from the collection.


Full Outfits