Friday, September 26, 2014

Ten on Top With Five Below|Sound Cloud Edition 2

TOP 10 & TOP 5 #SoundCloud Edition 2

#SoundCloud on several occasions has transformed into a musical vortex and sucked me in. I can literally be checking out one artist and based off their likes of another artist I'll go check them out and I'm like hey that's really dope and it's a repetitive process until I can't even remember who I was originally checking out. With all that being said I have compiled a decent Top 10 of artist that I frequent on #SoundCloud. Of Course there's a Top 5 and that will display some pretty dope mixtapes available via #SoundCloud or for Download through a third party site. Please check out each artist and enjoy my compilation. 

Top 10 

  1. Prince Greg - Have Mercy
  2. Mighty Jai - I'm Tellin Ya
  3. Cristol ft. Black Boi & Tom G - Fuckin With Ha
  4. Tomcat - You Aint Nothing
  5. Lyrican - So X-Rated
  6. JF & Crown Marquiss-Mojo
  7. Demon$ ft. Jack - 1995 Freestyle
  8. A$AP Mob- Hella Hoes
  9. Hagan Lee -Big Badda Boom
  10. Nyemiah Supreme ft. K. Camp - No Questions

Top 5 





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