Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cristol|Video Bomb: He Looking w/ rate


  You can always count on Cristol to come through with that turnt up party vibe and a plethara of phat asses to accompany his visuals. Almost a week ago he dropped visuals for his new single "He Looking". This video by far takes the cake, literally! There was so much ass I was overwhelmed. I seriously gotta get to one of this mans video shoots it looks like a big ass
party in every video. Directed by Kidd Fresh, Husschboy's front man delivers his usual turn up party song. Right on time for this hot summer heat and these half dressed women at all the parties. The shots from Kidd Fresh were clean and the Husschboy family was in full attendance as they raided a beachfront home. I liked the incorporation of the snapchat like moving emoji filters in the video. It's relevant, and not to many video directors do thing like that, so I was impressed with that. The water views and sun shots were everything to me and I was in awe at the ass shakers on the boat ramp. Can you say skills! I got stills of it so if you don't believe me make sure to scroll down  and check out the stills I captured from the video below. I don't know why but I feel like his songs end so fast, maybe the turn up just be that real. It's inevitable that the song will get ran back a few times by most twerk savvy females but these visuals appeal to the men given there are all flavors of women in it. Ladies expect to be involuntarily dancing and Fellas try not to drool over all the eye candy in the video. Check out another dope visual coming from St. Petersburg native and Husschboy artist Cristol and be sure to check my rate on these visuals below. 



Lyrics: 4.5
Visuals: 5
Star Potential:5 

Favorite Line(s):

"Cause when a women fed up we know what happens, she'll start drinking lemonade, get mad started breaking things, hit the club started shaking things, get drunk with another man."


Visuals| "He Looking"


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Monday, June 27, 2016

BET AWARDS REVIEW + Winner's List!

This will be my first actual factual award 
show recap. Yeah I know, I'm lame to the game but sometimes life circumstances won't allow for folks to tune in if you feel me. Anyways last night's show was interesting. The fashion, the persona's, the tributes! Ok first let me start from the beginning. Thank You Queen Yonce' for finally gracing the BET Awards with your actual presence. It kinda sucked she wasn't there to actually accept her awards but I do understand she is on Tour and got a lot of people to please and money to make. I have to point out that Beyonce' was back to her classic Beyonce' braids and I was definitely snapping in a Z formation. Her water theatrics were probably not fun for those around the stage and Kendrick Lamar just didn't give AF about his fit or shoes like literally him and Alicia Key just was destroying things. I loved the young lady from Berlin, I think her name was Bebe she had a very nice voice. The two sisters Chloe and Halle were really good too. I remember watching them grow up on their YouTube channel doing their cover song videos. It's great to see that they have gotten picked up and by none other than Beyonce'. Um did anyone else realize that Desiigner didn't really rap his entire set? Or was that just me. Upon further analysis did  anyone also realize that he isn't really saying much but Panda repetitively and I got broads in Atlanta  and something about a scanner. Um yeah.... Someone tell me something!!!! The Host were Black-ish stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. Those two together are pure foolery and I enjoy their banter together. Great choice on that BET. I hollered when Anthony came out with the ass less pants after Jeaelle Monae's Prince Tribute which was amazing! Her and Bilal killed their Prince Tributes. The others were good but not on the level that those two put into their performances.  At this point I want to #Shoutout all the #BlackMagic in the room. In the words of Jesse Williams "Just because we're magic doesn't mean we're not real."(More on that later) I loved all the natural, eccentric, quirky, and edgy hair styles. It is refreshing to see on television that we are getting back to our roots. Um a few fashion blunders that I will comment on is Spike Lee, like wtf man I didn't know if he was Willy Wonka, Magic Mike, Merlin, or the Mad Hatter. Like Bruh you make the dopest movies ever but he was reaching last night. Now to Jesse Williams prolific Humanitarian award acceptance speech gave me life. He said what needed to be said, what should have been said, and what nobody has been saying. I really hope that American and young America was listening to his words last night. He is the truth! Now my last highlight I want to bring up is Junes Diary BET Awards debut. I am not happy with the name, I know Chasing Destiny was the name of the docu-series but I thought the name would have been fitting for the group. I love their new video and I am excited to see what they have in store for us. Well I am done recapping the 2016 BET Awards. I will be gearing up for the Hip Hop Honors so be on the look out for a write up on that. If you missed the BET Awards 2016 check out the list of the winners below enjoy! 


Cause the Internet Has no Chill|Memes



  • Best Female R&B/Pop Artist - Beyoncé
  • Best Male R&B/Pop Artist - Bryson Tiller
  • Best Group - Drake & Future
  • Best Collaboration - Rihanna feat. Drake – "Work"
  • Best Male Hip-Hop Artist - Drake
  • Best Female Hip-Hop Artist - Nicki Minaj
  • Video of the Year - Beyoncé
  • Video Director of the Year - Director X
  • Best New Artist - Bryson Tiller
  • Dr. Bobby Jones Best Gospel/Inspirational Award - Kirk Franklin
  • Best Actress - Taraji P. Henson
  • Best Actor - Michael B. Jordan
  • Youngstars Award - Amandla Stenberg
  • Best Movie - Straight Outta Compton
  • Sportswoman of the Year - Serena Williams
  • Sportsman of the Year - Stephen Curry
  • Coca-Cola Viewers' Choice Award - Beyoncé – "Formation"
  • Centric Award -  Beyoncé – "Formation"
  • Best International Act Africa - Black Coffee (South Africa)
  • Best International Act U.K. - Skepta
  • Lifetime Achievement Award -  Samuel L. Jackson

"Paper Jam"| Fast Money Ferrari Mixtape Review

"Cause I'm the best you never had, and the best you'll ever have, your exes gone be mad, and the ones after that."
--Fast Money Ferrari
Tonight ft. Tha Kidd CT & Whitney Jones

Up and coming St. Petersburg artist Fast Money Ferrari doesn't shy far from his name sake as he raps about money, making moves, and over coming strife in his mixtape "Paper Jam. Produced by Shawty T and Hosted by DJ Beelow (both of St.Petersburg), the tape has been out in the streets for almost a year now and is a 9 track project with features from the likes of Kidd CT, Denero and DJ Spitta to name a few. Each song has a different vibe and the production varies. The track "Kush Kandy" incorporated solid verses and a slow chopped and screwed vibe that gives you that chill vibe you would want if you indulge in the herbal. I do feel like he should have really thought about song placement a bit some songs seemed they didn't fit where they were but other than that, I am interested to see what else he does in the near future. If I had to choose a few tracks that I'm rocking with, they would have to be "Bad B.*tch" ft. Denero, "Paper Jam", and "Nothin' To Prove" ft. Mic Jones. "Bad Bitch" is that song you wanna hear to get the crowd hype. It's a shame its so far down the track list that you might not get to experience it unless you make it through all his street tracks that smother the being half of the mixtape. "Paper Jam" is tough and is a great introduction to the mixtape. "Nothin To Prove" is that anthem that you need to uplift you when you feel like you out here alone and need to find your inner beast. I am not disappointed in the product in which Fast Money Ferrari has presented but I would have liked to see maybe a few more songs and better song placement.  Given he is new and trying to build his body of works up I am confident that Fast Money Ferrari will continue to grow as an artist. 


Track List| Paper Jam

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Zell Heffner| Legal Murder X Sleepless Nights Pt. 1 Mixtape Reviews

Zell Heff:Legal Murder

Track List|Legal Murder 

I am late for a very important date. I don't know how but I can't stay up to speed with Zell Heff he is the most consistently working artist out right now. There is not a day that goes by that Zell isn't promoting his brand and his music. With all that being said I am going to have to combine Zell's "Legal Murder" review with his new mixtape "Sleepless Nights Pt.1" This should be fun and I hope you guys can keep up as I get everybody up to speed. Two months ago Zell dropped "Legal Murder" on livemixtapes and it has been full steam ahead ever since. "Legal Murder" has eight tracks all containing witty punchlines, some borrowed beats, and his undeniable swag. I feel like this mixtape was a precursor to what was to come with "Sleepless Nights Pt.1" and even though he covered popular beats he was able to put his own stamp on it. Talking about relatable things, he is able to talk about real life situations and putting his own spin on it. When you listen to Zell Heff you KNOW you're listening to Zell Heff. He is distinguished in sound and style and it's easy to want to rock with him. His youthful vibe makes him for those late teens, early 20 somethings and then he politely taps the mid 20 and early thirties on the shoulders and hands them a mixtape and a double cup. He is up and working constantly, I enjoyed his spin on industry beats. Pulling up on "Sleepless Nights Pt. 1" we get eleven tracks with three single tracks that prior to the project releasing late last month had been getting pushed by Zell Heff and his BMMG fam. The mixtape is hosted by DJ Shurefire  and from the content in each song it is clear why the mixtape is called Sleepless Nights Pt.1. One of my favorite tracks is "Drug Abuse", he even made a video for it and it was rather trippy. He has a style that sets him apart from what is in right now. There are so many people imitating the likes of  the Migos, Plies, and Future. While all of them are all distinct in sound everybody feels the need to try and sound exactly like them when they should focus on authenticity and finding their niche. I believe Zell has done that and is going to continue to grow as an artist. His vibe reminds me of  Wiz Khalifa or Flo Rida. It is apparent that the guy has no intentions of pumping the breaks anytime soon and I am glad to know while there are artist that have one foot in and one foot out in this game, he is ten toes down in his craft and it is showing with each new project he puts out. Check out both of these projects from BMMG front man Zell Heff.


Purchase:Sleepless Nights Pt. 1

Track List| Sleepless Nights Pt.1 

Visuals|Zell Heff


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Musical Dopeness| Jamie Foxx a.k.a Past (Future's Father)

You would be surprised were you would be able to find the most dopest music content. What do you get when you mix  Direct TV commercials and football stars?  You get the most epic fake music video courtesy of the Manning Brother's iconic "Football on your Phone". So what happens when Verizon teams up with comedian, artist, and actor Jamie Foxx ?! More exceptional musical dopeness. I don't know why Future can't catch a break of people imitating his musical style but it is interesting and entertaining to see all the different spins there is to this guy's persona. Jamie Foxx is a fool and acts like a real old timer, muttering words and even dancing with a cane. The "I Got Verizon" song sounds a lot like Future's hit "Commas" and  the commercial was shown during Game 7 of the NBA Finals. It's no wonder companies use music to help sell a product. And with Sprint's recent snag of the "Verizon Guy" that use to say "Can you here me now?" Verizon took shots back by having Foxx finish his ad libs by saying " It ain't about can you hear me now, it's about can you see me now" which pretty much sealed the deal. Check out Jamie Foxx below as Past, Future's dabbin father in the Verizon commercial.


Visuals| "I Got Verizon"


Friday, June 24, 2016

I'm A Fool|Young Huli Mixtape Review

"He want to floss,I want to grind, he want to shine, I want the money."
--Young Huli
"Cut It" Remix

Today Young Huli dropped his anticipated mixtape "I'm A Fool" and with popular beats being graced by Young Huli you can only listen as he elaborates on what is common struggles and regular day to day life.This is by far the most anticipated mixtape to date for me and I have been waiting over a year for it. He gets into real story telling like Yo Gotti. He painted a vivid  picture in his song "Bad Dreams"  as he goes into full details about a dream that went sour and upon waking didnt have much to show for it. He has a few tracks produced by Nictunez and a few features from St. Petersburg rappers like Gwop, Jitt & Stone. Majority of the beats are familar but once you hear a Huli Mix its a whole other level. I really wish  there were a few more features but I am happy with the finished project and it was worth the wait. I had enough time over the last year to be familar with some of the tracks and because of that I feel like I already connected with the mixtape. "Time Remix" is my favorite Huli Mix and with notable punchlines its only right that you make time to check out this #NEW mixtape from Florida's own Young Huli.I hope whatever Huli has up his sleeve for his next project isn't far behind and he sticks to what he does best.... Acting a Fool on these beats.


TrackList|I'm A Fool

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Big Pun x DMX x Mos Def Cypher| #TBT

8 minutes and 34 seconds of pure Hip Hop gold! These are always fun to go back and review, the style was fresh, the chains were dope and the music was real. I appreciated coming across this video, so I thought I'd share a lil look into what Hip Hop use to be like. The greats are doing their damn thing and this one. #PeepThePlay they lit! Look at all the damn bottles and cups! lol


Sunday, June 19, 2016

CrunkCoco|Spotlight Artist

 "I do videos to express myself on a song and to also promote the song and artist."

Courtney Fraser Jr B.K.A CrunkCoco is an explosion of Crunkness from
St.Petersburg, Florida. He was born February 11th 1993 and embraces his half Jamaican heritage. As a child CrunkCoco had it rough. He always had a different personality and people didn't understand him. He found himself the center of ridicule and bullies in school and after school camps, and would have to defend himself which would lead to more trouble. After years of feeling excluded from everybody else CrunkCoco showed interest in a school photography class and from there he began recording videos of him dancing. From there he entered talent shows and started performing covers of Ciara songs. He would attend teen parties and he would dance everywhere he went. Thanks to that photo class CrunkCoco used the school's camera to make his first video "Who You Finna Try" He used social media and uploaded the video on Facebook where it got popular and was shared over 25,000 times. It then made it to WorldStarHipHop and it became worldwide. Everybody was chanting "Who You Finna Try" and after people started copying him making parody videos of the catchy chant the popularity grew for the song and CrunkCoco experienced something he had been wanting, acceptance. He continued to make videos doing eccentric and crunk parody covers of artist like Nicki Minaj,K. Michelle, and Ciara to name a few and a few years later a couple of his videos made it on tv overseas.He has been featured on WorldStarHiphop a total of 10 times, the local news 3 times and has appeared on shows like "Upload With Shaquille O'Neal" and "106 and  Park". His Youtube channel has 25 million views in total and He has built relationships with celebrities like K. Michelle,Nicki Minaj,Trina,Redd(BGC), Judi(BGC), Jessica Dime(LHHATL) Shekinah(T.I.& Tiny) and more. He has also teamed up with fellow Youtube stars Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson and other Youtube sensations. CrunkCoco is not afraid to take risk and has an air about him that exudes a confidence you can not buy. He considers himself a free spirit and does what he believes in. "I do videos to express myself on a song and to also promote the song and artist." He says. Having musical idols like Ciara, Lil Jon, Nicki Minaj and St. Petersburg's own Cristol and Heather Marie. CrunkCoco took a liking to music when he watched Ciara and Lil Jon both perform on stage and had dreams of He too one day gracing stages and captivating an audience. He enjoyed how Lil Jon hyped the crowd up after a show he saw and from there he was hooked. He has released songs like "Backed Up Doo Doo"(which dropped two years ago), "Crunker Than A Mofo"(Currently being pushed), "Crunk Ain't Dead ft. Skitsarena"(which obtained 1 million views on YouTube) and more. He has been featured on Talio's "Get CrunkCoco". CrunkCoco is currently working on new music, had his own merchandise start with the CrunkCoco T shirts and now he's took his merchandise a step further with his own socks.  He is continuing to grow his fan base and He's ready for whatever the world throws at him because.... He Crunker Than A Mofo! As always I took the time to chop it up with CrunkCoco so check out our quick interview below as well as ways to interact and connect with him and some of his content.


Q & A with CrunkCoco

[M$C]: After the dancing and the parody covers videos, why did you want to do your own music?

[CrunkCoco]: I wanted to do my own music because it allowed me to reach more people  and to also put all the things people think I say crazy in a format that they could understand. I feel like when Lil Jon was doing crunk it was hot and I want to bring it back in my own way with my creative ideas. 

[M$C]: What has been the biggest challenge since pursing a career as an entertainer?

[CrunkCoco]: The biggest challenge for me has been dealing with sneaky snakes in this dirty industry. People will try and use your name and you to get money and power. You don't know who to trust and if someone has your best intentions in mind. 

[M$C]: What are your top 5 goals to accomplish by 25?

[CrunkCoco]: My top 5 goals to accomplish by the time I'm 25 are 

  1. Have my own show or be a regular on a show
  2. Be casted in movies
  3. Have a CD out and tour
  4. Start my own clothing line
  5. Have my own record label

[M$C]: What is something or someone that pushes you to accomplish your dreams?

[CrunkCoco]: Something or someone that pushes me to accomplish my dreams is my family, my fans and keeping my haters mad. 

                          Visuals & Content|CrunkCoco



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