Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pine County Finest 2| Project Youngin & Teo Mixtape Review

Yooooooooooooooooo! Hat's off to everyone behind this project. I am not worthy!

 I am so glad to have the opportunity to check this out. And it was Mamazin! These two 

particular artist can leave music listeners a little bias as I have played music by both on 

Hood Watch as well as featured them on here. While some are bias, I am a fan of Teo and

  I am not a fan to many. I enjoy Project Youngin's artistry and find there young and fresh 

feel to real rap appealing. I loved that they incorporated tracks that real fans should be 

familiar with like "She Ready" which is one of my favorites, "Won't Change" and that 

definite crank " Right Der". I love the cover art it was epic. The DJ Hosting's are great, and

 each DJ's individual identity showed and help these gentlemen produce a great project.  

I am so glad to share this with real rap lovers, This is something you need to keep in your 

car. This is that mixtape you slide to on a beautiful day. The content is aimed towards 

those that can relate to the reality in the streets, Given there are hoods, projects, and 

ghettos across the globe it should touch all. These two artist should definitely be in your

 line of sight if not this is me forcing them upon you.  Get with the  movements 

  #YNR90sGang & #TenHunnit  because  #StreetCredFuckinWitEm. As this was emailed to 

me I currently do not have any links to direct you to but if you are in the city hit up the 

artist to get your copy. And when an appropriate link is available I will update. 


Zell Heff| Drug Abuse Video Bomb w/ Rate

Well I am always happy to share Zell Heff's work as it is always right up my alley. He dropped the official video for his song " Drug Abuse" and with the crazy mind of videographer J WALKAWALKA you should expect it to embody the feel of drug abuse. While I am not a supporter of drug use to a certain extent I can see how this song topic can be relevant as the apparent use of cough syrup and other widely used recreational drugs are now at the forefront of current rap and hip-hop trends. He definitely is honest and I can always count on Zell to come with a fire message. I enjoyed the visuals and thoughtfully listened to Zell's words. The downtown sights and the behind the scenes were an added bonus as it aren't too many people concerned with actual behind the scene content. I guess music videos are getting shorter or either the song but I wished it was longer, I suppose with these 15 second videos in social media we just shorten everything now. This song will definitely be added to my personal playlist. Please take a moment to check out the latest visuals from St. Petersburg artist Zell Heff below. And of course my rate for him is below as well. Enjoy!



Lyrics: 5
Visuals 4.5
Star Potential: 5

Favorite Line: "Back to the money, it's calling I'm coming. Monday through Sunday Came from the bottom and made it to something, it's nothing. "






Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rell Rock X These Gyals| Video Bomb #TBT

Check out something from the beginning of the year from Camden, New Jersey's own Rell Rock produced by London's own FroBack Music (Credits: Jhene Aiko, Teedra Moses) is taken from Rell Rock's 3rd project "American Hustle" released 11/25. Giving off straight Island vibes from the get go. Rell Rock deliverers a spicy dose of her up north vibe and her quick witted bars. Definitely a force to be reckoned with Rell Rock is killing this track. Pressplay below and found out about These Gyals.


These Gyals Official Video| #PressPlay


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ten On Top With Five Below|Jan- August Compiled Spring & Summer

I feel so bad that it is the eighth  month of the new year and there has yet to be a Top 10 with 5 dope mixtapes resting below. Well I am finally about to mind fuck a lot of people because with these summer jams heating up the streets the early part of the year delivered some instant favorites of mine. I have compiled a pretty decent list of what I've been fonking to since January and while it was hard to sum up eight months in 10 songs and 5 mixtapes I am confident that you guys will equally enjoy my picks. Please feel free to submit upcoming Top Ten and Top Five genres or subjects you would like for me to cover on an upcoming entry. Enjoy the list!


Songs|Singles|Top 10

  1. Fuck Up Some Commas - Future
  2. Decisions- Wiz Khalifa 
  3. MoJo- JF & Crown Marquiss' 
  4. Trap N*ggas - Future
  5. Spoil You- Boosie ft. T.I.
  6. Comfortable - K Camp
  7. Night Cap- Alec Burnright
  8. Jump Out The Face - Meek Mill ft. Future
  9. All I Need is You- Lecrae
  10. Time ( Huli Mix) - Young Huli

Mixtape|Albums| Top 5

1. 56 Nights -Future

2. Forgiato Rodman - Forgiato Blow

3. Live From Da Ghetto- Tom G

4. Falling Up - Crown Marquiss'

Download: Falling Up

5. Touch Down 2 Cause Hell - Lil Boosie