Sunday, August 16, 2015

Zell Heff| Drug Abuse Video Bomb w/ Rate

Well I am always happy to share Zell Heff's work as it is always right up my alley. He dropped the official video for his song " Drug Abuse" and with the crazy mind of videographer J WALKAWALKA you should expect it to embody the feel of drug abuse. While I am not a supporter of drug use to a certain extent I can see how this song topic can be relevant as the apparent use of cough syrup and other widely used recreational drugs are now at the forefront of current rap and hip-hop trends. He definitely is honest and I can always count on Zell to come with a fire message. I enjoyed the visuals and thoughtfully listened to Zell's words. The downtown sights and the behind the scenes were an added bonus as it aren't too many people concerned with actual behind the scene content. I guess music videos are getting shorter or either the song but I wished it was longer, I suppose with these 15 second videos in social media we just shorten everything now. This song will definitely be added to my personal playlist. Please take a moment to check out the latest visuals from St. Petersburg artist Zell Heff below. And of course my rate for him is below as well. Enjoy!



Lyrics: 5
Visuals 4.5
Star Potential: 5

Favorite Line: "Back to the money, it's calling I'm coming. Monday through Sunday Came from the bottom and made it to something, it's nothing. "






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