Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

As today marks the end to another year, I take a moment to look back at some memorable music for me in 2013 and some artist that caught my eye this year. Some of the songs below smashed while others are up and Coming. On another note, you all should  be aware of the tragic passing of Hustle Gangs, Doe B last week, I ask that we all recognize that violence is never the answer. My condolences to his family and friends. Also RIP to the other artist that lost their lives this year. Below I have compiled my 20 top favorite songs as well as my 13 top artist that I loved this year. Before I begin I would like to take a moment to thank every single person that has ever read,shared or simply clicked the link to view my blog. I hope to continue to bring dopeness to you and that E2TS continues to grow. Thank You guys a million times over and Happy New Year!!!!    


  Top 20 Songs

 1. Fed's Watching- 2 Chainz ft. Pharrell 
 2. Charli Funk ft. Mr. Huge & ABR 
 3. Against The Wall - Juvenile ft. Doe B & Juicy J              
4. FLUX - Come Alive                              
 5. On Deck- Romeseeum                  
6.  Gucci Mane ft. Rich Homie Quan- I Heard                                                    
7. Crooked Smile- J. Cole ft. TLC.         
 8. Chief Keef- I Don't Like                            
9. Bound 2 - Kanye West                            
10.Miley Cyrus ft. Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J                                                         
11. Pop That - French Montana ft. Lil Wayne, Drake, & Rick Ross                       
 12.  Young Dro -  FDB                               
13. Ring Ring - Rick Ross ft. Future           
 14. Plies - Faithful Remix                           
 15.  Show Me - Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown      
 16. Yo Gotti ft. Young Jeezy & YG - Act Right                                                           
17.  Miley - Wiz Khalifa ft. Waka Flocka        
18. Bun B ft. Kirko Bangz - Triller                
19. Backpack Rap- Smooth Hines           
20. Lil Kee & Strizzo - Up Down                 


  1. Charli Funk
  2. Alec BurnRight
  3. JF
  4. Asia Monae
  5. Bandy
  6. Woop
  7. Smooth Hines
  8. Cristol
  9. Lorde
  10. Miley Cyrus
  11. Ariana Grande
  12. Rich Homie Quan
  13. Kendrick Lamar
  • DOE B

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

TOP 10 Christmas Edition!

With today being Christmas and all I thought it would be awesome to do a Top 10 of all my favorite Christmas tunes. I can recall being a child and listening to some of these or just over the years every holiday season listening to these picks. Some are remakes and others are classic. I hope all my readers and visitors enjoy my picks and hopefully some of them are favorites to you guys as well. ENJOY! & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

                             TOP 10 CHRISTMAS SONGS

  1. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas
  2. Chris Brown- This Christmas
  3. The Temptations - Silent Night
  4. Destiny's Child - 8 days of Christmas
  5. RUN DMC - Christmas in Hollis
  6. Whitney Houston - Who Would Imagine A King
  7. TLC - Sleigh Ride
  8. Gene Autry- Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer
  9. Irving Berlin - White Christmas
  10. James Lord Pierpont - Jingle Bells



Monday, December 9, 2013

Ten on Top Five Below(Top10andTop5)

I know Top Ten and My Top Five comes sometimes frequent and sometimes weeks may go by before I post, but it often is due to the fact that I am spending quality time with music. I am taking my time to listen to each song, album, and mixtape. I want to know how this song affects my mood. Does it keep me hype? Are the lyrics meaningful? Can I see myself in a club vibing to it? Over time I develop my all time favorites because you know you like a song when you find yourself playing it everyday. It's something like a classic song like "Georgia Dome" by the Ying Yang Twins. If I was to hear that it would take me back to when it came out and how much I enjoyed it then. Some of the songs are repeats and some are old classics that I just can't get enough of and others are new to some and old to others. Enjoy the list music lovers and I am looking to check out  female RNB, Rap,Pop,Soul, and Hip Hop artist if you read this blog and know of anyone I am placing my email below. If you are already making music and want people to know more about you and would like to be featured on E2TS you can also use the email. 
Enjoy My musical selections 

TOP 10

1. All Falls Down- Kanye West
2. Best of My Love - The Emotions
3. Come Alive - Flux 
4.Sick As Fuck- Charlie Funk ft. Mr. Huge & Alec Burnright
5. FDB- Young Dro
6.Honest Remix - Plies
7.International Players Anthem - UGK and Outkast
8. Bed Peace -  Jhene Aiko ft. Childish Gambino
9.Miley - Wiz Khalifa ft. Waka Flocka 
10.Pussy Nigga - Woop ft. Yo Gotti & Kevin Gate

TOP 5 :Mixtapes/Albums

The Double Album Part II - Crown Marquiss

Savage Life 4 - Webbie

I Will Never Stop Going In - Rich Homie Quan

Shake Back -FOXX


Street Runnaz 79 (Came From Nothin')


--ALL UP N THRU THERE VIDEO-- [Teaser Below]



Jonni Vegaz Ft. Flux McFly - Such A Beautiful Feeling (Getting Paid) 

Mari - From the South feat. Nulli (Prod. by Wolf Paradise +)



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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Only Show 112213 Review

Last month I had the pleasure of attending The Only Show 11/22/13 sponsored by CLP Nation. The Only Show was a rap showcase/mini concert  that was orchestrated by a group of creative and crazy talented 
emcees. I would describe there flow style or their genre type to be indie rap, underground, or something I like to call knowledge on the fly. Each artist has their own unique style and it shows with their personal style,demeanor, and stage presence. Upon receiving an invite via Facebook for the event months prior I had already peeped the event coming together on my timeline. You could tell the artist were excited and you knew when they were working on something creative. SHOUT OUT! to whomever made those dope ass gold Pyramids. That's a definite souvenir that I've tucked away. Well dang my shout out kinda ruined my story but anyways...  I don't usually venture out too often if the scene isn't something I am interested in or have a curiosity towards but I had been listening or had heard songs from a few of the artist and was pretty excited to check it out live. The Only show was promoted by not only myself but by the countless CLP Nation Fans yes they have real life ye ye ye Wild man call Live Action Fans! And believe me when I say they go so hard! The artists' also pumped major promo on the web as the weeks slowly crept away. Once October turned to November I had already r.s.v.ped to Facebook standards and had further confirmed my attendance by purchasing a ticket to the show. I didn't know what to expect but as the weeks went by and my ticket was personally delivered by one of the  CLP scientist, Alec Burnright(ABR). He further confirmed how awesome the show was going to be. As the week of the show came to an end Friday 11-22-2013 was finally here. Pre show pictures of props popped up a few hours before the show and you could tell time had been spent making them and I can appreciate individuals being creative any day. I was impressed by the artistry of each artist that I got to see. Unfortunately due to my guest being tired from a long days work I had to leave early but was able to catch ABR being super hype, shook hands with the mastermind behind The Seminar, and caught Scott Tanner, SuCoo and Alec Burnright and Dilligaf kill it on stage. From what I saw I was glad that I had attended the event and enjoyed the mix crowd of people. It was refreshing to be in a room full of good vibes and great music. I would not pass up another opportunity to attend another show by CLP Nation or any of the artist that performed. I also would like to bring up  that when I attend shows I am not only listening for new artist to check out, I'm also looking at everything you bring as an artist. I personally think presentation is everything and from the way tickets were given out with the awesome pyramids to the artists' stage presence I was impressed. In school you get a grade for participation and the crowd  all got A's  in participation because the emcees interacted well and got them involved. I think an artist that can control his audience has them under his or her spell and Crowd participation was incredible and the energy that they had reflected whatever artist graced the stage. They were so live and the crowd really responded well to them. The even took place at a venue called The Cycle Lounge. I had been hearing a lot about it so I was glad I was able to check it out as well. I would recommend all of the artist for immediate review because the crafts that they have are definitely dope and underestimated. Below I have listed artist information for each artist and my favorite song from each artist. Enjoy the musical collection of some very dope emcees. Please share this review and check out each artist and CLP Nation for more information. 


Favorite Tunes: 
Jack Fletcher ft. Khalea Lynee
Charlie Funk ft. Mr. Huge and Alec Burnright
 Alec Burnright
Scott Tanner:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V78YgIs2FVI&feature=share&list=UUpAuazxcO-Xkogav9_FKpkQ&index=2
Mighty Jai

Dilligaf ft. Alec Burnright

Artist Information: 
CLP Nation: http://clpnation.com/

 Alec Burnright:https://www.facebook.com/alecburnrightclp

 Charli Funk:https://m.facebook.com/CharliFunkMusic 

Dangeruss: https://www.facebook.com/DANGERUSSMUSICGROUP
Twitter: @DANGERUSS727

 Jack Fletcher: https://www.facebook.com/CallhimJF?fref=ts

Mighty Jai: https://www.facebook.com/jai.almighty 
Twitter: @Almighty_Jai 

Dilligaf: https://www.facebook.com/dilligafclp 
Sound Cloud:https://soundcloud.com/clpnation

Twitter:  @SuCooDGM 

Scott Tanner:https://www.facebook.com/scotttanner809?fref=ts