Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Anaconda Want Some| Nicki Minaj Video Bomb W/O Rate

Well given the title everybody that has access to the internet has witnessed a plumped behind Nicki in some skin tight wardrobe that even has some women "beggin for a piece of that bubble." Ok ok enough of me sampling Sir Mix-a-lots words because Nicki sampled just enough for us all. The video is set in a jungle like scene with big booty woman gyrating and arching their backs to the captivating rhymes of Nicki Minaj. The single's artwork alone had folks on the edge of their seats upon it's release to iTunes earlier in the month. I too was waiting for YMCMB's first lady to drop this record. Besides it being Nicki, I definitely was digging the sample from one of my favorite jams, "Baby Got Back". I can only speak for myself when I say that I wasn't thoroughly impressed though. It was almost a step back down to Pink Friday but those dope visuals got me through the song if nothing else did. I also loved the fact that she incorporated some of her classic shit talking like she use to do on her mixtape songs. I can think of one song in particular when she was straight talking shit and that was " Itty Bitty Piggys". The ending of this song gave me life because it made me remember when I got on her music trail. This latest video from Nicki was definitely for the fellas but it simply wouldn't be Nicki without a cameo from her YMCMB label mate Drake making an appearance in what most men would say is the best seat in the house. I definitely don't want to go on about how great the visuals are you guys will just have to check it out below. Enjoy


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