Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ten On Top With Five Below|Jan- August Compiled Spring & Summer

I feel so bad that it is the eighth  month of the new year and there has yet to be a Top 10 with 5 dope mixtapes resting below. Well I am finally about to mind fuck a lot of people because with these summer jams heating up the streets the early part of the year delivered some instant favorites of mine. I have compiled a pretty decent list of what I've been fonking to since January and while it was hard to sum up eight months in 10 songs and 5 mixtapes I am confident that you guys will equally enjoy my picks. Please feel free to submit upcoming Top Ten and Top Five genres or subjects you would like for me to cover on an upcoming entry. Enjoy the list!


Songs|Singles|Top 10

  1. Fuck Up Some Commas - Future
  2. Decisions- Wiz Khalifa 
  3. MoJo- JF & Crown Marquiss' 
  4. Trap N*ggas - Future
  5. Spoil You- Boosie ft. T.I.
  6. Comfortable - K Camp
  7. Night Cap- Alec Burnright
  8. Jump Out The Face - Meek Mill ft. Future
  9. All I Need is You- Lecrae
  10. Time ( Huli Mix) - Young Huli

Mixtape|Albums| Top 5

1. 56 Nights -Future

2. Forgiato Rodman - Forgiato Blow

3. Live From Da Ghetto- Tom G

4. Falling Up - Crown Marquiss'

Download: Falling Up

5. Touch Down 2 Cause Hell - Lil Boosie

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