Saturday, June 25, 2016

Musical Dopeness| Jamie Foxx a.k.a Past (Future's Father)

You would be surprised were you would be able to find the most dopest music content. What do you get when you mix  Direct TV commercials and football stars?  You get the most epic fake music video courtesy of the Manning Brother's iconic "Football on your Phone". So what happens when Verizon teams up with comedian, artist, and actor Jamie Foxx ?! More exceptional musical dopeness. I don't know why Future can't catch a break of people imitating his musical style but it is interesting and entertaining to see all the different spins there is to this guy's persona. Jamie Foxx is a fool and acts like a real old timer, muttering words and even dancing with a cane. The "I Got Verizon" song sounds a lot like Future's hit "Commas" and  the commercial was shown during Game 7 of the NBA Finals. It's no wonder companies use music to help sell a product. And with Sprint's recent snag of the "Verizon Guy" that use to say "Can you here me now?" Verizon took shots back by having Foxx finish his ad libs by saying " It ain't about can you hear me now, it's about can you see me now" which pretty much sealed the deal. Check out Jamie Foxx below as Past, Future's dabbin father in the Verizon commercial.


Visuals| "I Got Verizon"


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