Monday, March 17, 2014

The Who With The What #TMWFP Review

Well It's been almost a week since I did  a two post entry on ABR. In the midst of  him doing all of that with me, he dropped his mixtape The Man with Faux Pas and for those of you that's like "whoa whats  Fox Past" You're saying it wrong and you should go google it! I first would like to say If you are sleep on this artist you really should lay off the sleeping pills. For godsake I just presented him to you jerks on a silver platter. If you still want to act oblivious to his artisty you haven't checked out #TMWFP. He snapped, he made you think, and without saying it, he dared you to challenge him. It featured " Bruh Man" and " 5 Babies" Both being favorites of mine. It also featured six other dope tracks that showcased  Burnright's uncanny ability to tap dance on the pre frontal cortex of your brain. This was evident with his blunt content, his strong delivery and of course his beats. I don't know whether to call it a mixtape, an EP, or in his words an experiment since he is a Scientist ( I'm convinced). I enjoyed his take on what he likes to call  "Conscious Trap" It was definitely a medley of awakening punchlines and it's production set me the listener in a state of confusion because there was times I wanted to just hit a full Khloe Kardashian twerk but the lyric content wouldn't allow me. I wanted  to know what he was going to say next. I thoughtfully listened and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I am never disappointed in his artistry and what he puts out. I send well wishes, continued motivation, and success to Alec Burnright and the entire CLPNation family. I have added links to listen and download #TMWFP as well as ABR Spotlight Review I did 6 days ago. Enjoy the goods and make sure you tell him this particular mu'fucka sent you!

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