Wednesday, November 28, 2012

727 Stand Up!

Well many people don't know that I am on YouTube and I don't post videos anymore but I do still favorite and like videos. In the last few days I went looking for local artist that I already knew of but was happy to discover a few new one's  Let's just say I'm proud of my city! The artist I found are definitely putting on. A few have even been on my playlist consecutively.Who? You ask.  Below are my top five local artist that you should know. If you know anyone else that you believe should have made this list let me know.
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 If you haven't heard of them, your sleep! And Ima need for you to wake up! 

  1.  Heather Marie
  2. Skroodle
  3. Smooth Hines
  4. Cristol
  5. Famous Kid Brick

If you still just don't know any of those names links are available below so you can brush up on who hot in your city.  <---- Heather Marie<---- Skroodle <---- Cristol <---- Smooth Hines <--- Famous Kid Brick

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