Friday, June 13, 2014

Project Youngin' Video Bomb w/ Rate

This is the newest video from St. Petersburg rapper Project Youngin'. He is giving you that grown and sexy vibe with what I like to call Hood R&B. It takes place near the water and at a big luxurious house. He is being a complete gentleman to his female costar and crooning to her with his rhymes. The visuals for me represent exactly what he is talking about in his song and helped him further depict what his definition of a “Good Time” is. I really dig the folks out of my city because they always find a way to show love to others doing their thing in our city or surrounding areas. I peeped the girl with the Envy magazine and have had the pleasure of reading a few old issues myself. This was a great song and the visuals definitely help further give off that summer vibe. Check out my rate and the video below.


Lyrics: 4
Visual: 4
Star Potential: 4
Overall: 4
Favorite Line: "Holding hands on the sand, I'm bout that. New Giorgio Armani, You got that. Expensive bottles on the boat, we pop that. Waterfalls and Ima lick you till you climax. "

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