Monday, June 30, 2014

Maybe just a lil Mediocrity: Video Bomb [No Rate]

Well since T.I. dropped No Mediocre twitter got set on fire by a thot bot in the words of Tip. Azealia Banks was being her usual twitter banger self when she took to twitter to critique T.I.’s latest single featuring Iggy Azalea. Everyone can think back to the blatant shade Banks was throwing Iggy when she made the Freshman Cover of XXL in 2012. Well seems like Azealia Banks is just a hater of Grand Hustle and probably not happy with what her least to say lackluster career has become. I actually hadn’t heard anything from her besides the song where she’s wearing the pigtails in the video. (Um yeah my point and case I only remembered how her hair was.) I found her banter to be a step above fourth grade. She came for Tiny and  Tiny sent T.I. Regardless of their relationship and what they're going through which might I add is not my, TMZ, Justin Beiber, Slick Rick, or let alone mediocre Azealia Banks’s business. Only Tip, Tiny, and the Lord know what’s truly going on. Bank’s acted as run-of-the-mill  as they come. Perhaps she was just pointing out someone else imperfections because she is in fact mediocre and didn’t fit the type T.I. likes. I will not be using this post to shed light to something that is said to be over and done with but I will leave you with another great one for the summer. Check out “No Mediocre” below. Definitely on my summer list. And Iggy looked Ah-mazing!! 


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