Thursday, August 4, 2016

#TBT|Top 10 with 5 Below: 2007 Rap Songs and Videos that went hard AF!

It's funny how this top 10 came about but basically I watched the video for "Body" by Jarule ft. Ashley Joi and was like well I use to love this song, when did it come out. Did a quick google search and found out it came out in 2007. So I started wondering what other fantastic songs and videos came out in 2007. Man I swear I love doing these #TBT because I get to recall where I was and and what I was doing when all these songs came out. It was senior year and I had probably the funkiest playlist ever for a 17 year old. I went straight down memory lane while compiling this list and while it may not have all the tunes that were poppin it has the ones I recall vividly singing, dancing and talking about. Plies definitely was hot then, Kanye was the Kanye I love and Soulja Boy came and showed people how to rape the internet game. I hope you guys appreciate the compilation and perhaps a few of these tracks were nostalgic for you guys as well. Of course  I couldn't do a top 10 without 5 below so enjoy the 5 videos that to me were hot!


Top 10 Songs|2007
  1. Hypnotized - Plies ft Akon
  2. International Players Anthem - UGK ft. OutKast
  3.  Good Things - Rich Boy ft Polo Da Don
  4.  Roc Boys(And The Winner Is) - Jay Z
  5. Can't Tell Me Nothin - Kanye West
  6. Cyclone- Baby Bash
  7. Hood Nigga - Gorilla Zoe
  8. Shawty - Plies ft. T-Pain
  9. Party Like A Rockstar - Shop Boyz
  10. Crank Dat Soulja Boy - Soulja Boy

Top 5 Visuals|2007

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