Sunday, August 7, 2016

Jose Guapo| Changes(2Pac Remake) Video Bomb w/o Rate

     Given that we are all more familiar with Jose Guapo "Running it Up" I was surprised with his remake of Tupac's classic song "Changes", Given the current police brutality epidemic that is plaguing our country currently, I thought it was smart and necessary of him to put this track out. He started it out verbatim to Tupac's version and then put his own spin on it. I applaud when rappers use their platforms to inform the people not to just talk about the cliche' money, cars, clothes, and hoes. He brought back something refreshing for the new generation that may not be familiar with Pac's version even though I find it hard to believe people aren't aware of the original origin. Check out Jose Guapo's visuals for "Changes' Below.


Changes|Video Bomb


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