Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hip Hop Honors:| All Hail The Queens

Last night VH1 honored female emcee's that have changed the game. I feel like this was well over due. Salt and Pepa ft. DJ Spinderella, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, and Missy Elliot all were honorees at last nights awards show. This is my second award review and this one I have so much to say. EVE the Ruff Ryders female front runner was the host as well as performed in some of the tributes. How appropriate it was to have her host this years Honor. First off, I loved the tributes but I have to point out Lil Mama's excessive need to spend more time on the stage then she is allotted. The damn door was sliding close and she barely made it into it. She has the perfect animation though for the Lil Kim tribute and  they even enlisted Trina, Dej Loaf, Keke Palmer, Dreezy and Da Brat to name just a few of the female artist that honored those women last night. And am I the only one that thinks Ashanti was a decent rapper last night? She actually killed it. I loved the Naughty by Nature tribute to Queen Latifah and all the iconic fashions being immulated on stage. MY GOD! I could not handle it. Let me touch on the fact that Rich Homie Quan bombed on Biggie's verse and it was sad. How can you call yourself a rapper and not know the line or at least took the time to learn it before you had to get your butt up on stage next to the Queen B. I honestly haven't seen a Hip Hop Honor's since they did the Dirty South edition and I LOVED that one! This one was good and definitely needed. These women along with all the one's who graced the stage to pay homage fight to be taken serious in a male dominant industry. They have battled, fought, and proved they can keep up with their male counterparts. And a few of their male peers came to show love last night. It was good to see images of the old Lil Kim. I don't care to know why she wanted to change that is her business but I just love the way she use to look. Besides realizing that Teyanna Taylor killed the Lil Kim tribute, we were reminded that Hip Hop touches everybody and everything. The first family is up on Hip Hop, Fashion designers like Marc Jacobs is up on Hip Hop, and even the likes of Betty White can quote a Latifah line. Last nights show was good and if you missed out I'm sure you can catch it on Demand or on VH1. The recent police brutality issues are country has been faced with was brought up and it should be talked about daily. We cannot let these injustices go unknown. And as long as these Queen's have these platforms its safe to say they will continue to put our community up!


STILLS of  The HHH|Courtesy of Google

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