Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Video Bomb: Big D X JF w/ Rate

Anything with a classic hip hop beat immediately draws me in. Big D and JF delivers a track that you can just slide through the city to. As expected if a member of Dope Collection has any say so it is definitely a chill vibe. The familiar faces throughout the video gives you that family feel, like I'm with my people and we just chillin'. "Code of the Streets" mashes a rapper with a lyricist. I appreciate vibes like this because you get the best of both worlds. Both guys are considerably different in delivery but the content of each one's lyrics puts you on the same page just a different paragraph. I can't really say anything bad but the 2:48 seconds is such a tease. I would have loved to see it even longer.  The rate for these visuals are below as well as the video. Enjoy!



Visual: 5
Star Potential:5
Overall: 5

Favorite Line (s):

Big D: " For every cracker kill us another nigga born. So may their spirit still live on,  
every year we rock the block and jam their favorite song."

JF: "Mama raised a young nigga to get figures, It's fuck the bitch and peep the bigger picture." 

Video Bomb| Code of The Streets Visuals


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