Monday, June 1, 2015

Video Bomb: B1 X Sosa X Young Huli w/ Rate

Below there is a triple threat going in on this song called "Came A Long Way" New to me and probably to a few of you, B1 teams up with other Burg natives Young Huli (Check out Im A Fool- By Young Huli) And Sosa, one half of rap due Tha Homies and delivers something for the streets. This song instantly screamed MTV Jams to me.  It is shot by BBROSFILMZ they have done quite a few videos for artist out of St. Pete check them out on youtube(BBROSFILMZ). The production is sick and the lyrics compliment the beat well. Each verse was diverse and the song gets me so hype. The idea of staying away from those that didn't necessarily mean you any good shouts motivation anthem. The dynamic look of each guy is visable. They each presented their own persona which didn't make it gimmicky, the entourage of people is typical though and is classic cliche for anthems of this sort but I appreciate scenes with all the people they cool with being present to show love during their time to showcase their talents. I enjoyed reviewing this video as well as having the pleasure to meet Young Huli and meet and work with Sosa. Check out some true soulja's of my city put on for our city. And check out my rate below! 


Star Potential:5
Overall: 5

Favorite Line (s):

Sosa: "When I say my shooters gone do it, it's the young niggas I influence, got a lot of niggas that will ride with me and a few ones that a die with me." 

Young Huli: " I  kick hoes to the curb like Bruce Lee, I'm the realest nigga walking on two feet, do you pussy nigga Ima do me, I ride with an Ak on the backseat and ain't nan one of you niggas gone stop me." 

B1: " Flipping through the city witcha bitch, rental car action behind tint, before she jump out the car she gotta suck this dick, hair doo money, money spent."

Video Bomb|Came A Long Way

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