Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Video Bomb: Smurf The God|Seen It All w/ Rate

Taking place mainly at a local liquor store familiar to most St. Petersburg, FL natives, Smurf the God definitely played it safe and simple in this video. Though I am not a fan of beat jackers and admire original productions to accompany original lyrics, I loved his lyrical content. This is the type of music I could ride through the city and just vibe to.  The content was realistic and relatable to those living that type of life.  The visual content matched what he was talking about and the additional locations for the video were ok, again playing it safe. Due to the fact that I am a stickler for details I did notice that the editor of the video nor Smurf payed attention to the spelling of the song when it came on during the opening. Besides grammatical mistakes I enjoyed the visuals and even though this video dropped November of last year it's still worth a check out. Below get my rate for the video and connect with Smurf The God.



Star Potential:4
Overall: 4

Favorite Line: "Yeah, I must admit it never had a pot to piss in, but I always had a fork and a eye on the stove. " 


Be On The Look Out For.....

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