Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Tampa artist ShowOut Tripz dropped his new single " I Deserve You" a few weeks ago and I must say, I  really like the song. I became familiar with Tripz  after I checked out his mixtape "Band Camp". That mixtape included the single "Eat It Like Cake" which is a popular song to twerk to and  "L.O.V. (Lingo)" which is one of my favorites off the mixtape. Tripz is back with something that beats the speakers silly thanks to Average Kid and even though he states clearly in his hook that he isn't trying to be cocky this song has cocky written all over it. The beat compliments this song well and I'm not mad with the blatant auto tune feel, it too compliments the song well and adds something different for Tripz. I've heard him say some real ish and I've heard him motivate some epic ass shaking. This song wasn't anything like his typical twerk song or his relatable advice he gives his listeners about loyalty. I did not feel like shaking my ass. I felt like I should be vibing in someone club, dressed like a boss, with the flyest man in the world on my arm. It's a different vibe then I'm use to from Showout Tripz but I am glad he took it this route. Check out "I Deserve you" by Showout Tripz and I have included my rate below.

Also be sure to check out his mixtape ---->Band Camp Download.


Star Potential:4
Overall: 4

Favorite Line: "We gettin' that money, she stackin' them hundid.Trying to see a million, then get a billion,then count a trillion, then count a zillion." 


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